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When this article says it is the best stranger hook up and chat android app till now, you have to believe it. We challenge you to find a better app than Vee that can “actually” make strangers a friend, chat live 24×7 or hook up and meet. Yes, it goes by the name Vee. There is absolutely no reason to get yourselves confused with We Chat and Microsoft V-chat or any other bulls***t apps.

How about we conclude the article right here? Let us define Vee in few keywords: Like her, Get winked, Hook up, Mingle hard, Move on. You can break up with whoever you want and with how many you want, instantly and with a lightning speed. Generally, we have this habit of arguing people that it is sometimes difficult to get people to hook up. Solving this issue and building an android app about it would bring a brief change in the teenful society of ours. In a nutshell, if you havent heard about omegle, you will smooch this app. If you are familiar with apps like these, you will uninstall all other apps and keep Vee.

Vee is different because unlike other “talk to strangers” app, Vee have made themselves quite clear with their philosophy. Vee respect your gender and they wont show you same sex people. Well, sad news for gays and lesbians. We bet you have download apps like Zorpia, MeetMe, Badoo…not to mention that sensual Omegle. But Vee respects your privacy and by saying that, you have the liberty of choosing whom you want to have…a hook up 馃槈

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How does it work?: Login via Facebook. Vee will show your all the girls around you if you are a boy and vise versa. You are provided with 3 buttons namely Heart, Cancel and Info. If you click like from heart and they like back, chat is initiated. If you cancel, you break Vee’s heart and it moves on showing next strangers near you. Click on Info to find the introduction. Note that Vee fetches 4 things from your Facebook profile: 6 latest profile pictures , your age, gender and Introduction about you. Not a problem…everyone knows you are on Facebook!

We believe that this Vee app has been launched in the right time to offer this feature to “people nearby”. Iff Vee would have been released 3 years ago, Vee could have easily outnumbered the number of users any other strangers chat has right now. Sorry to make it large, but yes, app like Vee would have made a drastic impact on social media creating a deterrent inside other android app market. We do not recommend Vee to students and teens who have addiction problems during their examinations or whatever. I had chat with 3 people within 6 hours and now they are my Facebook friends and regular chatty ones! However, Vee has Pros and Cons with a ration approximately 9:7, read them to find everything about Vee.

Vee Pros | Oh yes they have them loads


  1. You might have hovered around people with opposite sex in other android apps, and you might wonder why they have so many likes and they dont respond! Vee is 101% genuine, every person is real 馃榾 Dont believe? Download Vee now.
  2. You HAVE to connect it through Facebook.聽People generally love to create a unique user ID off their own. You can send this user ID to other via whatsapp. If that is the case then what is the use of Vee. Vee provides anonymous users to search opposite sex by covering grazing over each other’s Facebook profile.
  3. Though you log in with Facebook and 6 latest profile photos are there in your profile, you have authority to upload images from your gallery. Also you can edit the introduction.
  4. Highly secure. Vee truncates and removes every chit chat you do with your partner. You cant even retrieve them. Good news: your boyfriend wont know anything about it.
  5. Vee finds people NEAR you. Strangers who logged in via Facebook in Vee are visible to all the Vee members.
  6. There are apps that are in beta mode, some of them are not tablet compatible. Vee is 100% compatible with tablets. The only difference in GUI is the loading logo that changes when Vee searches “hot” singles for you.
  7. You can click on break up anytime you feel and move on with another one. Remember, there is 1 and only 1 person to chat anytime.
  8. Lost your phone? Install it again and run it normally. No headache of losing of data. You can meet as boys/girls you want
  9. To keep you active, they keep on providing you thoughts of the day randomly



Vee Cons | Excuse me? All apps have cons!

1. No room for homosexual people. Vee app is solely opposite sex attraction thing. The moment you say you are bi or some thing like that, they will press the break up button. Kaput.

2. You HAVE to connect it through Facebook. No Google plus, just Facebook. What if i deactivated my Facebook during exam or was a victim of fresh relationship?


3. You can chat with one and only 1 person at a time. Why? Ask the developers 馃檨

4. It consumes your data. But do not care. The app is above 6mb and maybe you will find worth it.

5. While you break up with them, Vee doesn’t gives a damn (I thought Vee had a little soft corner as mentioned before). The future dates will see your break up statistics! Not good for those who have frequent break ups and patch ups. Why the hell do I want to tell people how many breakups I had!?


6. For people screaming about losing data, or having privacy issues with respect to Big Data, Vee is a monster. They store all your information from Facebook including your age, place of birth, introduction and 6 latest profile picture.

7. The biggest problem Vee has…..they do not have similes. You are back to the 8-bit love.

Did you try the app? Let us know your feedback.


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