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After unsuccessful attempts to sell the books that they never opened, they shared this frustration along with two other founders Vishwanath Krishna and Ankit Tripathy in a Whatsapp group where the founders discuss all their agendas. And Sidharth said let’s make a website where everyone can buy, sell and share old books. It happened!

Team Brogels

About BookKida and the Story behind it.

Bookkida is a funky name which actually means “Bookworm.” It is inspired from the concept of old book stores where you can buy and sell your books of any genres that are slowly loosing their charm. Instead of wasting or throwing the books you can share or sell to another person who will reach you by seeing your advertisement on Bookkida.

Founded in 2014 by the founders of, Bookkida was born out of frustration when its two founders Sidharth Das and Kishan Mishra were unable to sell their engineering books in any of stores with good price quotes. While Sidharth graduated in mechanical engineering , Kishan works in Brogels as chief operational officer and is doing his MBA (marketing) from KIIT School of Management. Ankit, who works as chief strategy officer, is an undergrad in mechanical engineering. Vishwanath Krishna is Chief Marketing officer and doing MBA in KIIT School of Management.

The startup was launched on February 11, 2014 and is doing pretty good. They are getting decent traction in terms of registrations as well as book listings but the founders did not share exact numbers.

The market research or the whole concept behind this setup is really interesting. It does not keep a person dependent on old book stores as, most undergraduates depend on these to get books at almost half the rate of original price. Sometimes it becomes difficult to buy or sell a particular book, Bookkida is solving the problem by connecting buyers and sellers through this platform to negotiate the price and get the best deals than old bookstores which decide and quote their own price.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the founders was the fact that they were students and were trying to run a full-time business. Having to manage studies, college tasks, etc. along with this was very challenging.

The company is currently bootstrapped. They are looking to raise funds from VCs and investors.

How does it work?

Simply go to Bookkida. Click on “Post A Book.” Enter all the details and add a few images and you are done. Just ensure that you classify the book properly as this will help you close a sale faster. Once you’ve done all that, you can set a price for your book and share the listing over social media. Wait for buyers to contact you and hopefully you’ll have a deal.

That’s simple, since you need not even go out to any second hand book stall to sell your books or have to throw your old books to waste.

TTP’s Take

Bookkida is an idea well implemented and put in form of a startup. They are maintaining their sales by tracking all of them although, it is C2C. This startup is really helpful for Engineering students, hope they expand and it may be useful for other students too.

TheTechPanda wishes Bookkida All the Best!



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