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soccer stadium

With the UEFA Champions league going on, as usual there are always these crazy set of fans, the soccer maniacs. But many a times I see these young freaks, who are equally lunatic about soccer as the adults, but don’t get the opportunity to get a seat in the stadium. Simply because they can’t afford it, the pocket money is way too low, parents are not ready to sponsor as the recession effect is still not over for many. And for others who do part time, weekend or summer jobs, the earnings is still not enough, to get through to the soccer stadium.

Lowering down the rate doesn’t help, as the soccer stadiums also need to meet their daily expenses, so, what could help? We need something that could help bring in more business to the soccer stadiums and also lower the rates for the young fans.

My friend Amrit, told me about an idea that he learnt from L.A. Galaxy. Introduce sky boxes in soccer stadiums! Amrit is one genius business analyst, he was an inch away from getting into ComScore but got struck by bad luck.

Coming back to the topic, for those who don’t know what sky boxes are: Sky boxes, also known as private boxes or luxury boxes are specially designed private luxury suites, designed for the high profiled elite crowd. To understand better, you can read the detailed explanation from wisgeek: what is a sky box?

In U.S. the baseball and super bowl stadiums have these luxury suites, sky boxes, which are usually booked by the Corporates for the CEOs, Presidents, Directors and Managers.

Sky boxes are your 5 star suites, providing pleasant facilities. Depending upon the type of suite, you’ll have large High Definition LCD screens, drinks and food delights on menu, stewards and attendants at your service and various other amenities.

Such sky boxes serve a good beneficial purpose for the corporates to have their entrepreneurial meetings and at the same time enjoy the game as well.

The soccer stadiums can thus earn a good amount of profit from the sky boxes, and lower the rates for the usual seats.

I know the soccer stadiums do have private cabins and privileged cubicles reserved, in case some celebrity, minister or high end personality makes a visit. But they are not like the ones we see in baseball or super bowl stadiums. Hence they don’t bring in any extra profit.

The best part about watching a game from a sky box is; they give you a whole different view and aura. It makes you feel as if you are a part of something big, looking at the game, the field and whole stadium from a very wide perspective.

Do you think we can have sky boxes in soccer stadiums? What other alternative can you think of so that general ticket prices can be reduced?

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