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Cab Services  may not sound novel but putting efforts to improve and provide better experience and even reach out to destinations where other cabies refuse to drive is something we would appreciate.

To make cab rental services more efficient and personalized for every user, Sachin planned to initiate ClearCarRental which intends to provide better traveling experience to every requester.

ClearCarRental was Founded by Sachin Kate who is also the CEO.

We had an opportunity to get in conversation with Nikhil Deshpande, from ClearCarRental and learn more about it.

Cab Rental Services has become a fiercely competitive space, How would you describe the USP of ClearCarRental?

The car rental market in India is estimated to be around 20,000 Cr INR which is growing year over year by 25%. This fact which keeps us excited to refine the way we work together as an organization and take necessary steps to cater the unfulfilled demand by developing new products and services. We always attempt to leave no stone unturned to deliver customers best possible car rental experience. Clear car Pvt Ltd rental provides car rental services in more than 210 Indian cities covering 5000 locations. We also provide outstation (multicity) car rental services which are not provided by competing players with similar business model as ours.

The mission is to provide superior car rental services and deliver high value to all our stakeholders by leveraging technology and through effective team work.

How do you keep track and communicate with drivers across different cities? Tell us something about the methods and technology being used.

We have a dedicated team which communicates with our fleet partners on almost a daily basis over phone, online chat & SMS. Our fleet partners then in turn manage their drivers during actual service delivery. We also have a dedicated team of travel experts who create custom packages as per the need of prospects who get’s in touch with us and later books the service. This team also ensures a comfortable car journey for our customers by directly connecting them with the drivers if required.

Businesses involving vehicles are always on a risk of facing damage issues or even accidents? How do you handle those?

We act solely as an online car aggregator and deliver car rental services to our customers through our fleet partners. We do not have an asset heavy business model since we do not own cars. In spite of this fact we ensure that our fleet partners deliver services safely by frequently communicating with them.

In case a customer faces any issue or gets in an emergency or needs a cab urgently? Is there a number or something the user can dial and get immediate assistance?

We have a dedicated call centre and a customer support team to assist customers in case of any issue or emergency. Users can reach our support team at +91 8888855220 (24X7). They can also send us an email on [email protected]

Since the initiation of your startup, what were the obstacles you had to overcome? Or are there any obstacles that you are still fighting to get through? And How has been the response so far?

The operations of Clear car rental started at Aurangabad (Maharashtra). Some of the challenges we faced were – Hiring and retaining quality man power, educating fleet partners across different cities of India on our business model, developing & maintaining necessary infrastructure to support our operations and deliver quality car rental services to our customers.

Clear Car Rental Pvt Ltd started in 2011 and then we were just a 4 people company. Today we are more than 100 people team and have different functions like human resource, finance, vendor development, travel packages, business development, online marketing & search engine optimization and 24X7 customer support. Our services are pretty much the same since we started. Clear car rental is one of its kind because along with local and outstation car rental services, multi-city car rental services are also offered. We are working on developing new products for online and offline travel agents, corporates using which they can avail complete hassle free online car bookings and manage their booking information all in one stroke.

Team ClearCarRental

What are your future plans for ClearCarRental?

Company expansion (human resources as well as infrastructure), new product development and technology upgradation to refine the way we deliver our services.


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