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Review done by Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 cooltok

Every person on Earth is using Whatsapp now. Before Facebook taking over Whatsapp, half the people were using Whatsapp. Facebook connects another half of the world. That is what Mark said! He forgot to mention his competitors. They include Mo Chat, Viber, Line, Skype, Telegram and many many more. Cooltok comes in the middle of those list.

Is Cooltok worth it?

Cooltok is in beta mode right now. It has not at all been made ready for tablets. By “worth it” it means Cooltok will come between the second half and end of the list of all the IMs available. Cooltok was launched on 1st day of New Year. So you can imagine what it takes for an android app esp. Cooltok to reign in app store. Cooltok has some fascinating advantages over disadvantages. After reading this article, you will be amazed to find that there is no any other app like these features. However, there are many disadvantages that you may pray to GOD to urge the developers to maintain and fix the issues. Cooltok is the best alternative for apps like HullohaSpeek and UberConference, but the vice versa is not true. Cooltok, since new to the android call conference app, will have immense competition with the apps that have dont their marketing previous and have greater experience handling their customer.


1) Cooltok is free. The only charge applied is 3G data from your Sim card or from WiFi.

2) Viber, on the other had, is facing some issues from all around the world over their less quality in calls. Cooltok has the opportunity to strike everyone hard.

3) Like Whatsapp, mobile number is the user’s registration ID. There is no glitch to add your username and email ID etc.

4) Good to notice that they have voice chat, voice messages, pic sharing, group Chat and PTT.

5) Apart from that, they have group calling. Indian apps are not so much into this, but developers @ Cooltok have done a really good job here. You can have a group call of 5 person at most

6) You have the option to choose between Cooltok or standard voice call. After 3 rings, when yu wont pick up the phone, a message will pop up connecting you with Cooltok. So, you have the option to choose your data wisely.

7) Simple. Lightweight.

8) Call quality is extremely good. Though uses more bandwidth. The distinguishing feature of VOIP calls over normal GSM/CDMA calls explains the heaviest advantage of Cooltok


1) Not compatible with tablets. Bad GUI as compared with other apps


2) When you change your sim card (the number from which you register Cooltok), you have to send an email to the developers informing that you have changed the sim card, then they will take it further. Time killer.

3) The concept has been copied from other IMs and chat apps. The only new feature is the voice calling, which s already available in handful of android apps like HullohaSpeek and UberConference. Cooltok is going through a hard time with marketing and competitors.

4) 1 star rating is increasing in Cooltok. Maybe users are disliking the app or switching over Cooltok alternatives.

5) SMS charge deducted without any warning while installing Cooltok


6) Call quality is extremely good. They recommend 2.5G and above. 2G may concur some break in voice.

Author’s verdits:

I can hardly imagine how guys @ Cooltok are going to manage those tons of emails that they will receive. You have to send an email to them when you will change your sim card to use Cooltok. Very uncool. I will use Cooltok only if all the most used apps have been put down by app store or have got the worst update ever. Talking about Indian apps, there are no such apps with feature adopted by Cooltok. There are apps like HullohaSpeek and UberConference available to android users which are well established and have fixed customers. On the other side, let us cross our fingers and pray that my review is not that bad because time is the best critique after all. Cooltok has to dive hard with their competitors.


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