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czarlogo2Czar Securities is an emerging company with a vision to take security field by storm. The company targets individuals who face cyber security threat as well as websites owners who want to assess their site for security issues. Czar has highly skilled team of professional who work to make WWW a more secure place.


About Czar

Czar Security is all about netizens and their cyber security. It is about each and every person who has ever used e-mail or even switched on his computer. Their aim is “Cyber Security Revolution” and they plan to bring it by providing security solutions to every computer user be it an everyday computer user or MNC’s. The Czar team is providing security solutions for organizations and individuals. For individual, they are providing support against social accounts hack, cyber-bullying, identity theft etc. Whereas for organizations they provide website and network security testing plus high end and organization specific custom security tools development services.


The Team
The Czar Team

The Czar Team

Czar has a highly talented and committed team which comprises of Vinit, Ananda, Shikhil and Hemanth who are security experts and developers. The Czar team members have been acknowledged by Microsoft, Adobe, Yahoo and other giants for pointing out security issues in their websites. Apart from that, they have a team of content developers comprising of Spandan, Satnam and Shitanshu.

The team comprises of people who are experts in their respective fields and have passion for it. All the team members have been geeks since their early teens, sitting in front of computer for hours and exploring the security domain. The Czar team includes Certified Information Security Experts, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators, and Certified Ethical Hackers.

 The journey so far

The entire team has been working behind the scenes for 3-4 months and finally made themselves public by launching their website on 11/12/13 . They have recently launched their blog which is getting a very good response.

Talking about the customer base, they have served a couple of e-commerce portal and a number of websites. Currently, they are planning to bring some high quality products in the market which will help normal users as well as organizations in increasing their information security.

 The challenges

Since most of the team members are students, so there is a continuous conflict between passion and studies and with the current inflow of interesting/challenging projects, it’s not hard to guess which one wins!

Talking about professional front, the team knows their services are of top quality so luckily, they hardly face any problem there. But sometimes what happens is that a company’s digital assets need immediate attention but it becomes difficult for the team to make a company realize that. For example, a company’s website has many loopholes but the team has to work hard to make them realize the immediate need of security patch. So, increasing awareness about information security is need of the hour.

 Managing studies and Czar

If one has passion for what they do, taking out time for it isn’t difficult. Time management is the key. When it comes to studies – some study a few weeks before exams and some, a few days before. But team czar’s ideology is to study just a few hours before the exams.

 TTP’s take

With the increasing rate of cyber crimes in the society and the ugly consequences they follow- Czar Securities is indeed a noble attempt to lessen them. With the right marketing strategies and vision, Czar Securities is sure to go miles! We wish Team Czar a very good luck!


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