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When it comes to managing a team for a project or a product, you have your task manager app, for file sharing you have storage services and content manager app, and then to collaborate and co-ordinate you maintain excel sheets and check lists and to follow up with all of these the legendary email is always there.

So even after having all the right apps your work life is still cluttered.

Farooq saw this issue that many organizations face, specially small businesses and startups face everyday, and thought of resolving it and so was the idea of Dotmach ignited.

We had an opportunity to quiz Farooq A. Rahim, Founder of DotMach and know more about the product and its benefits.

There are already various Online collaborative task and content management tools available, how is DotMach different? How would you describe the USP?

Dotmach is built with a lot of passion and vision to improve the way we communicate and collaborate at workplace.

A Single place to manage work.

Most of the companies use multiple products at workplace from task manager to project manager to content manager to business social interaction tool to communication tool to do the work. Also this kind of shifting from one app to another app is frustrating, painful more than that it decrease our productivity because of doing work about work.

Speed and Simplicity. We tried hard to make Dotmach fast [‘Still a long way to go and tons of improvement left.’] and we tried hard on product design part to make Dotmach simple easy to use and lovable.

What were the researches and insights that you guys went through before coming up with the idea?

The Founders of DotMach faced various problems in previous startup’s which regards to managing workflow and handling team to do work, and we tried a lot of apps for solving it, we are not saying all are bad applications, but still we felt it can be made better, more structured and have a better workflow environment.

Thus we were aware of the fact that, a lot of opportunities are there in the field, a lot of companies tired, but we strongly believe none of them was able to make the perfect tool to manage and organize workflow, So we did a lot of brainstorm and finally decided to take up the challenge to give it a try.

DotMach provides real time commenting, does it also include a chat system for the team members to communicate with each other?

Yes, Dotmach includes an internal communication system for team.

Audio, Video Collaboration will be launched soon.

Can you tell us something about the technology behind DotMach?

We Use Node.JS, PHP and Python as core and NoSQL for Data Storage.

We deploy Dotmach on Amazon EC2.

Tell us something about the team behind DotMach.

Dotmach is completely bootstrapped and Founded by Farooq A Rahim, a technology enthusiast with 6 + years entrepreneurial experience. He became an entrepreneur during his college days itself and he always experimented with product oriented concepts, that experience helped us to connect the dots and benefited DotMach in a big way.

Dotmach is developed by an awesome team of like-minded youngsters with a lot passion to do great things. In October 2012, Farooq started visualizing a smart app that can create an “awesome work life” and after a lot of brainstorming sessions and discussions, we started the development. Now Dotmach is a team of 9 members who unanimously says “Passion Never Fails”.

Team Dotmach

Team Dotmach

What are your future plans for DotMach?

DotMach is not built to be a small tool, the opportunity and the depth we can go with it is immense. And we launched just 2 to 3 weeks back, we are getting some solid responses and we are really happy about it. Still we just started scratching the surface; we got a long way to go.

Our Short Plan for Dotmach Includes launching Iphone App, Developer API, Audio Video and Group communication support in next 2 or max 3 months’ time. Focusing on the product deeply by improving its speed and Usability is our top Priority.

The number of Enterprise Product Start-ups from India is very less; we all know that, so we wish to get the support and feedback from the community, we believe that will really help us a lot in improving DotMach to make it a great Application.

We are looking for more people who are passionate in any of these fields – Marketing, Tech, Ios & Android App Development and love to work on a Start-up to do something new.



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