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Post-pandemic, the e-commerce side of food delivery has seen a rise with contactless food delivery coming into demand, giving rise to the meal subscription box, which is becoming the harbinger of semi automation in food technology.

Food delivery is serious now. Zomato’s shares have just surged by 65% in its debut day in trading in Mumbai. While a majority of funding in food focuses on Swiggy and Zomato, several innovative startups are popping up.

Having a well-curated and compact box of fresh food delivered straight at the doorstep is boon for many bored cooks. Though a moderately unique idea in India, the meal subscription box is gaining traction. Here are some meal subscription box startups that consumers are subscribing to every month.

Sprink Online

Sprink is a tech-advanced, subscription app that enables the user to subscribe to various dishes, plan daily menus, manage their scheduled meals, in a matter of a few clicks. It aims to simplify the process of bringing healthy, delicious meals to working professionals, day in and day out.

With different secure payment methods integrated into the platform, the platform brings the peace of mind to the user.

Masala Box

Masala Box is a platform that delivers home-cooked meals and homemade foods at the customer’s doorstep. It promises meals cooked using fresh, locally sourced produce in a home kitchen similar to any Indian kitchen with regional, authentic.

With 300 people strong network in Bengaluru, the platform also seeks to empower homemakers by offering them a chance to earn some money.

Fab Box

Fab Box was started in 2015 as a subscription box company and gradually, backed by public demand, turned to a full-fledged e-commerce store that enables customers to enjoy snacks in an easy way.

Starting from a godown startup in 2015 and selling about 20 snacks to a company, serving over 70 snacks to more than 20,000 customers and conglomerates, the platform now emphasises on healthy food, claiming to use ingredients in snacks sourced from quality farmlands produced in small batches to maintain freshness.

Oota Box

Similar to Masala Box, Oota Box has a house-cooked food network of more than 8,000 homes. The platform has been associated with homemakers in more than 70 locations who like to cook and serve.

Customers can use the platform for chef discovery near them, to connect with them to place an order, and have the food either picked up or opt-in for the delivery service if the chef provides one.


Scriberr provides a platform for other subscription boxes to come collectively. Some of the brands customers can find on the platform include La Frux, Flicbox, Tea Box, and Snackible Box. These brands, along with many others, display their products on Scriberr. One can easily choose from juices, snacks, chocolate boxes, teas, and even healthy meal boxes.

They offer four boxes to choose from, classic, low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free, which are also customizable. There is also a cooking subscription box for all those who love to cook and bake. These include gourmet desserts ready mixes like vegan cookies, vegan cakes and mug cakes, that only take a minute to cook.


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