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call looper

Let’s see from the eye of an Android App geek for now – the first thing to be noted would be there are not much apps that schedule call or sms. Usually there are fake call setters. There are apps like Call Schedule Lite and ScheCall are which has given a slight neck and neck to Call Looper but it dosent seems like Call Looper shall win the battle – maybe it depends upon user’s choice but overall ratings shall be the final judgement. Here we discuss about the new app from Ashutosh Valani that has become favourite of many users.

An App Called Call Looper

Call looper is a call scheduling app that allows you to schedule multiple calls and SMSes to different people at pre-set time and date. This app organizes your calling schedule in an effective and efficient way. Imagine making calls to 10 clients at different times in a day. Call looper can be used to create a schedule for calling these clients in advance. The app will call each of these respective clients automatically at the time that is set in advance. You can also set the number of repeated calls to a particular contact as well as its frequency (time duration between calls).

The competition between call scheduling APKs

We compare Call Looper with apps like Call/Sms schedulerCall Scheduler Lite and SchdCall keeping an unbiased mind for the viewers to judge and decide the overall rating of Call Looper.

call  looper

The most interesting thing to be noted here is that all the 4 apps are launched in September 2013, so we can easily compare them with their size, performance, GUI, ratings and Advertisement rate. Call Schedule Lite had its previous version Call Schedule which was paid and thus then Lite version has gained much attention having 10,000 – 50,000 installs. Call/SMS scheduler and SchedCall have same amount of installs (1000-5000) whereas Call Looper lies way behind this field (100-500) with no version further than 1.0


 Why Call Looper is taller than other APKs

call looper1. It has a feature with a sound call ‘block’  feature to add to your privacy and security of calls.

2. You can schedule an SMS or a CALL with precise date and time with auto-dial feature.

3. Totally free with no advertisement

4. No limitation on placing call and SMS schedules.

5. Lighter in weight than any other tools in play store but a wee heavy in call schedule apps.




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