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While Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera surveillance is often in controversies and not always welcomed by the general public, its significance cannot be denied in times when a recording eye can bring someone justice or when a camera´s presence discourages a crime from occurring.

Just enter an elevator in a building and you feel conscious of being watched, which you can interpret as a feeling of safety or a violation of privacy.

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In November 2017, to curb rampant illegal sand mining, the Madras High Court told the Tamil Nadu government to install CCTV cameras at all check-points at district and state borders.

CCTVs installed in New Delhi at the behest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in 2018 are often in the news. Last year, some of these cameras are said to have led to the arrest of robbers who stole from Prime Minister Narendra Modi´s niece.

While cities like New Delhi can hardly deny the need for CCTVs, even at a micro level, CCTVs in a household or an office space give more peace of mind. All they need is a stable Internet connection to do their job.

How do you pick the right surveillance camera? What specifications and resolution should one choose?

High megapixels are often an indicator of higher image quality, and 8 is the highest number right now. Here are four 8MP CCTV cameras that are supposed to be the best in the segment and most effective for security purposes.

Secureye S-CCI3 Bullet Camera

From the house of Secureye, a security and surveillance solution provider, the S-CCI3 Bullet Camera is among the first in the segment with an 8 megapixel resolution, ensuring clearer images.


Powered by advanced analytical algorithms, the camera is capable of smart detection of any movement or object. Infrared cut filter with auto switch lets the camera, which comes with 1/2.8” progressive scan CMOS sensor, function without any trouble in day as well as night hours.

The smart functions of the weather-proof cameras are designed to check line crossing, area intrusion, unattended objects, missing objects, region entrances and exits, and fast-moving objects. They also detect loitering, check people gathering, and parking.

The high-end surveillance camera is further capable of blurred detection, scene change detection, audio exception detection, and crossing line statistics. The cameras can be connected via iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices.

Hikvision 8MP CCTV Bullet Camera

Hikvision´s 8MP Bullet Camera

Chinese company Hikvision´s 8MP Bullet Camera comes with advanced EXIR 2.0 infrared technology with a range of 30 metres. An IP67 certification makes it water and dust resistant, thereby functional in a wide range of climatic and weather conditions. The camera can operate between a temperature range of -40 °Fahrenheit to 140 °Fahrenheit.

It’s equipped with an automated day/night mode and gives coloured as well as black and white output, as per the requirement. The bullet CCTV camera has an 8.29 megapixel progressive scan CMOS. There’s also a mechanism to adjust brightness and sharpness.

Hikvision´s cameras were recently in the Indian media when the 1.4 lakh Hikvision CCTV cameras installed in New Delhi by the AAP government were questioned because of being Chinese.


CP Plus

The 8-megapixel resolution full HD Infrared network bullet camera from Noida based CP Plus, comes with PS CMOS image sensor and is functional for a wide range of 60 metres. A great attribute of this camera is that it supports Starlight Function and provides dual-stream encoding mechanism.

The camera further offers a 16x zoom and 4k video streaming. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, as well as Android devices and gives the option to use an SD Card with a maximum size of 128 GB. Weighing less than 1 kg, they are light and easy to install.

Lorex LNB8005 Security Camera


This 8 megapixel resolution ultra HD CCTV camera, from the Canadian security company Lorex, comes with Infrared Night Vision. The in-built IR Night Vision is functional up to a range of 40 metres in ambient lighting condition and up to 28 metres in complete darkness. It has a 4k ultra HD camera.

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However, it is not wireless and hence installation can be a bit cumbersome. The camera weighs a little over 500 grams and its power source is corded electric. The manufactures assure that the camera provides a maximum level of detail and clarity and an increased zoom capability. It provides an 88-degree field of view and wrapped in fully weatherproof metal housing.

Which CCTV camera one chooses will depend on specific requirements, such as reading license plates, or night security. I hope the list above brings you a little closer to your decision.


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