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The Tech Panda takes a look at recently launched gadgets & apps in the market.

Driving safety technology: Roadeye 2.0

Crossbeats, a consumer electronics company, launched the Roadeye 2.0, the next evolution in driving safety technology. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Roadeye Dash Cam, the Roadeye 2.0 introduces innovative features tailored to modern-day drivers, ensuring a seamless and secure driving experience with both front and rear view cameras.

Abhinav Agarwal, Co-Founder of Crossbeats said, “At Crossbeats, we recognize the paramount importance of road safety in today’s fast-paced world. With the increasing prevalence of road accidents and traffic violations, dashcams have become essential companions for drivers seeking to safeguard themselves and their loved ones on the road. By venturing in the sector, we aim to empower drivers with the tools they need to navigate the roads confidently and protect themselves from potential risks. We strongly believe that every journey should be a safe and enjoyable experience. Our commitment to redefining the driving experience is underscored by cutting-edge technology that not only enhances safety but also provides convenience and peace of mind to our customers”.


Roadeye 2.0 comes equipped with a host of advanced features designed to enhance road safety and user experience. With features like the intuitive 3-inch LCD display for easy navigation of recordings and all-weather visibility ensuring clear footage regardless of weather conditions, the RoadEye 2.0 sets a new standard for dashcams. Additionally, the innovative Timelapse Video feature allows users to create high-quality time-lapse videos for a refined and dynamic recording experience of their journey, catering to both travel enthusiasts and safety-conscious drivers alike.

Pre-booking for Roadeye 2.0 opens on April 12th with INR 999/-. Additionally, consumers making a pre-book will get a Free 128 GB SD until stocks last. The dashcam shall be available at an inaugural price of Rs. 6999/- for early adopters. The official launch is slated for April 19th, with availability on Amazon and other select channels.

FMEG: Smart riding suitcase, AirXpress

Goldmedal Electricals, an Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company, launched India’s first smart riding suitcase, AirXpress. The AirXpress smart riding suitcase is powered by a 73.26WH removable battery and sturdy enough to carry loads up to 110 kg at a maximum speed of 13km/hr. The AirXpress thus combines technology with convenience.


  • Convertible scooter: It has a retractable handle, which converts the luggage to a scooter that enables quick travel. It is equipped with a 250W motor that allows speeds up to 13km/h
  • Superior capacity and durability: It supports a maximum load of 110 kg, making it strong enough to double as a ride. It holds a capacity of 20L for storage
  • Advanced battery technology: The lithium battery, compliant with airline regulations, is removable for easy charging. Its 73.26WH battery life ensures that travellers can navigate through airports and stations with ease
  • Smart design for the modern traveller: Its compact design is made to fit inside airplane cabins
  • External USB interface: Charges your devices on the go.

IoT: ECC608 TrustMANAGER with keySTREAM

As the world comes to rely on interconnected IoT systems—for everything from household items like smart thermostats, virtual assistant technology and digital door locks to medical and industrial applications—the need for reliable cybersecurity on embedded systems has never been greater. To increase security on IoT products and facilitate easier setup and management, Microchip Technology (Nasdaq: MCHP) has added the ECC608 TrustMANAGER with Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, Software as a Service (SaaS) to its Trust Platform portfolio of devices, services and tools.

“The ECC608 TrustMANAGER with keySTREAM marks a pivotal moment in our quest to secure the IoT landscape and make provisioning easier. Our collaboration with Microchip is not just about bringing advanced security solutions to the market, it’s about setting a new standard for smart device security across the board,” said Hardy Schmidbauer, senior vice president of Kudelski IoT. “By leveraging Microchip’s renowned semiconductor technologies alongside Kudelski IoT’s security services, we are poised to deliver protection and a new ease of provisioning for IoT device manufacturers.”

“As the volume of connected devices rapidly increases and security standards and regulations tighten, IoT designers are seeking more efficient ways of managing their devices once products are in their customers’ hands,” said Nuri Dagdeviren, corporate vice president of Microchip’s security computing group. “Our partnership with Kudelski and adding keySTREAM to our ECC608 TrustMANAGER enables customers to manage, scale and update IoT ecosystems efficiently via a cloud-based security SaaS for in-field provisioning and certificate management.”

The Why

Security standards and upcoming regulations are increasingly requiring upgradability of security infrastructure for IoT devices. This is a difficult task with traditionally static IoT security implementations, which require physical upgrades like changing out the security ICs in each device to stay in compliance.

With the ECC608 TrustMANAGER, the process is automated and highly scalable, allowing devices to be managed securely and efficiently throughout their lifecycle. It also enables easy device ownership management without needing to change hardware, as security keys are updated digitally from the cloud into the device. This approach streamlines the supply chain processes for distribution partners as well.

This type of dynamic in-field provisioning and device management meets IoT security standards and will be useful in device certificate updates needed to stay in compliance with evolving security requirements.


With security credentials managed and updated in the field via keySTREAM—instead of being limited to a static certificate chain implemented during manufacturing—the ECC608 TrustMANAGER allows custom cryptographic credentials to be accurately provisioned at the end point without requiring supply chain customization and can be managed by the end user. keySTREAM offers a device-to-cloud solution for securing key assets end-to-end in an IoT ecosystem throughout a product’s lifecycle.

The ECC608 TrustMANAGER relies on a secure authentication IC that is designed to store and protect cryptographic keys and certificates, which are then managed by the keySTREAM SaaS. The combined silicon component and key management SaaS allow the user to set up a self-serve root Certificate Authority (root CA), and the associated public key infrastructure (PKI) secured by Kudelski IoT, to create and manage a dynamic certificate chain and provision devices in the field the first time they are connected. Once claimed in the SaaS account, the devices are automatically activated in the user’s keySTREAM service via in-field provisioning.

The keySTREAM SaaS allows for ongoing updates of keys designed to prevent and protect against evolving threats and security requirements. In-field provisioning also removes the need for customization for more efficient manufacturing.

The ECC608 is the first security IC in Microchip’s TrustMANAGER series.

The ECC608 TrustMANAGER is available starting at $0.75 each in 10,000-unit quantities. An activation fee is applied only after the device has been connected for the first time.

App: A new stock investing app for first-time investors

PeepalCo, the house of brands built by successful entrepreneurs Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar Tiwari, has launched Lemonn, a stock investing app. The app simplifies discovery and decision making for new investors.

Ashish Singhal, Co-Founder and Group CEO, PeepalCo group, said “Our mission is to Make Money Equal For All, to empower India with the right products to build wealth. Lemonn will help users diversify their portfolio and participate in India’s Growth Story.”

“Millions of Indians find stock markets complicated even today. Despite the post-pandemic growth, only about 6% of Indians invest in stock markets. We aim to bridge this gap, by making stock investing engaging, informative, and effortless,” he added.


  • Trade at Zero Cost: Zero-trading brokerage for 3 months, and zero fees for account opening
  • Invest in Ideas: Curated industry-based stock offering
  • Jargons Explained: A detailed glossary explaining all financial and market-related terms

App: A storage & relocation app for vendor partners

To reinvent the vendor experience within its vast network,, a platform in storage and relocation services, presented the Boxigo Vendor App. For’s vendor partners, this state-of-the-art application represents a major turning point in improving communication efficiency and streamlining service delivery.

“The introduction of the Vendor App showcases our unwavering commitment to empowering our vendors with the requisite tools and resources to deliver unparalleled service. We are on a mission to streamline this unorganized industry, and the app will help us achieve the same,” shared Edwin L. L. , co-founder, and CEO of, “We are confident that this platform will not only optimize operations but also elevate the overall service experience, reinforcing our valued partnerships.”


Crafted as a user-centric platform, the Vendor App offers a seamless interface for vendors, streamlining the handling of service requests while fostering enhanced collaboration with Boxigo’s internal team. Seamlessly integrated with the website, the app facilitates swift transitions of customer-initiated service requests to the personalized admin portal, where Boxigo’s dedicated team meticulously validates and forwards each request to the vendor portal, ensuring prompt attention and action.

A standout feature of the Boxigo Vendor App is its empowerment of vendors with real-time access to critical customer details, even post-assignment to another vendor or cancellation of an opportunity. Through the innovative “lost” feature, vendors can effortlessly retrieve essential information, enabling them to fine-tune their service offerings dynamically.

Furthermore, the app presents a host of exclusive advantages. Vendors transitioning to the app will experience a marked improvement in workflow efficiency, facilitated by a seamless interface and intuitive design. With notifications tailored exclusively for the app, vendors remain informed of service request progress, enabling them to deliver timely and effective solutions, thereby elevating customer satisfaction levels.

Mobile phone: BZ Fold

BlackZone Mobiles, unveiled the BZ Fold. Crafted to redefine the mobile experience, the feature phone, BZ Fold seamlessly merges cutting-edge features with unparalleled convenience, offering users a sophisticated and functional communication solution.

“We are thrilled to introduce the BZ Fold to the market, offering consumers a unique blend of style, functionality, and affordability. BZ Fold is targeted towards consumers who seek the latest mobile features but desire an affordable and dependable product,” stated Kannav Thukral, Managing Director, BlackZone Mobiles. “With its innovative design and impressive features, the BZ Fold reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional mobile experiences that enhance everyday life. This product embodies our dedication and years of experience in the Indian market, with one year spent in planning, development, and testing.”


At the core of the BZ Fold lies its innovative design, showcasing a spacious 2.4-inch screen within a sleek flip phone format. Equipped with a Type-C charger, users can enjoy swift and efficient charging, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity when it matters most.

Features include audio call recording capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly capture every crucial conversation. With expandable memory of up to 32 GB, users have ample space to store photos, videos, and files. Moreover, the built-in 2000 mAh battery ensures extended usage without the need for frequent recharging, while the FM radio feature and MP3 and MP4 player provide entertainment on the move.

Additionally, the BZ Fold features a built-in torch for illuminating surroundings in low-light conditions. Its high-quality camera, with 2 MP rear camera guarantees stunning photo and video capture capabilities.

Wellness & health App: DOCTOR911

To prioritise employee welfare, Quantum CorpHealth Pvt. Ltd. (Quantum), a provider of healthcare and wellness solutions to individuals and businesses in India, has released a comprehensive wellness and health app called DOCTOR911. With the introduction of this system, Quantum aims to equip all partnering organisations to prioritise the physical and mental health of their employees.

Dr. Narendra Vankar, CEO and Founder, Quantum said, “Quantum constantly aims to give its corporate clients the greatest possible user experience. Our recent launch of the DOCTOR911 mobile app is a step in that direction. Corporate clients can now use their mobile devices to browse, connect, and schedule a variety of corporate health and wellness packages. Our mobile platform is among the best in the business thanks to its solid security foundation, numerous functionality, and seamless user experience. We hope to further solidify our position as the industry leaders in healthtech with the release of DOCTOR911.”

The Why

As India gears towards a $5 trillion economy, work wellness is becoming a critical consideration for corporations. In fact, a joint report by job site Indeed, and Forrester Consulting on Work Wellbeing In India 2023: How Thriving People Create Thriving Companies, said that only 24% of employees in Indian organisations experience high levels of wellbeing at their workplaces. This translates to the other three-quarters of employees who are dissatisfied at their place of work, leading to health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, and a declining mental health.


  • It is a SaaS-based system, and can be integrated with any corporate system.
  • Not only is the system made for preventive care, but also for emergency support, to provide streamlined healthcare management.
  • There is 24×7 availability of experienced medical professionals, as well as an SOS service with a real-time location-based hospital network of over 2500 hospitals and 5000+ doctors across India. These features ensure that in case of any medical emergency, the golden hour for emergencies will not be missed.
  • The App also provides a direct-call action to activate ambulance support when needed, along with a virtual, secure MediLocker service to store all your medical documents carefully and privately.
  • Geo-tag compatible, it can be used at any time, any place, even while travelling. The system’s real-time virtual tele-consultation services and quarterly company-wide seminars also help in keeping employee well-being and satisfaction at a high rate. 

Audio tech: GoSurround 955 Soundbar

GOVO, an audio technology company launched its latest addition to the soundbar lineup – the GoSurround 955.

Piyush Jalan, Co-founder and COO of GOVO expressed his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the GoSurround 955 Soundbar, the ultimate audio companion for this IPL season. This new addition showcases our dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering an exceptional audio experience. It reflects our commitment to offering an unparalleled combination of superior sound quality, versatility, and truly immersive surround sound capabilities.”

The Why

According to the latest industry research, the global soundbar market is poised for significant growth, projected to reach USD 10,432.49 million by 2031, expanding at a CAGR of 12.7% during the forecast period. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming IPL matches, the demand for high-performance audio solutions to enhance the viewing experience is expected to rise exponentially.


  • 5.1 Channel: 3 x 2″ & 2 x 2″ speakers with 200 Watt peak output 3D Surround Sound,
  • DSP Enabled Subwoofer: Enjoy your theatre experience with the deep bass of the 5.25″ subwoofer
  • 3 Equalizer Modes: Switch through Movie, News, Music modes, and enjoy your home cinema experience
  • Remote control: Adjust the Bass, treble & volume with the most stylish remote control
  • Multiple Connectivity: Connect with HDMI (ARC), AUX, USB & OPT
  • Bluetooth V5.3: Connect automatically your mobile device and enjoy the music louder than ever
  • Integrated Controls: Control your music experience and pairing through the key panel on the soundbar LED Display: Check the status of your soundbar through the LED display

Audiotech: Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4

Sennheiser unveiled its latest generation flagship earbuds, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 in India.

“Sound quality will always be a top priority for our customers, and we are seeing increasing demand for the application of it out in the real world,” says Vijay Sharma, General Manager, Sennheiser India, “With higher quality hardware and our widest range of wireless technology support ever, MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 grows with the consumer’s needs no matter how dynamic they currently are—or will become in the future.”

Frank Foppe, Product Manager, Product Manager, Sennheiser added, “Beyond hundreds of millions of streaming hi-res music tracks are powerful ways to improve your life with wireless audio. Imagine interacting with museum exhibits while on vacation, then tapping into a sports television broadcasts at a noisy airport bar while awaiting your flight home, and finally enjoying a serene movie theater experience in your seat—all with one set of earbuds. MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 is already equipped to handle it all.”


  • MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 connects to using Bluetooth® 5.4
  • Built on the Qualcomm® S5 Sound Gen 2 platform with Snapdragon Sound and support for aptX Lossless as well as aptX Adaptive Audio
  • Bluetooth LE Audio with LC3 and AURACAST is coming soon via a firmware update.
  • It brings Qualcomm® RF Front End (RFFE) technology to Sennheiser’s renowned TrueResponse transducer technology.
  • The improved antenna design brings greater RF sensitivity, improved signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic role switching faster connections and even better signal continuity while on the go.
  • All of this happens at faster speeds than prior generations of MOMENTUM True Wireless.
  • It offers up to 7.5 hours of continuous audiophile-inspired listening—extendable to 30 hours with the charging case—and quick charging capability that provide up to 1 hour of additional listening from just 8 minutes of charging.
  • The USB-C charging case means quick and convenient replenishment virtually anywhere you take them while integrated Qi wireless charging keeps those carefully curated desktops clutter-free.
  • To ensure maximum operating life, Sennheiser has also upgraded the earbuds’ long-term battery performance with a battery protection mode that optimizes charging cycles.
  • The six-microphone array improves both voice pickup and the effectiveness of the Adaptive Noise Cancelling system with faster and stronger reaction to the wearer’s environmental noise scenes.
  • An adaptive equalizer monitors the frequency makeup of incoming audio streams for a more consistent sound across musical genres or content types such as movies, podcasts, and games.
  • The popular Sound Personalization, Sound Zone, and Sound Check features are brought into this new generation of hardware via the Smart Control App (iOS and Android).
  • A revised ear tip and nozzle design offer better protection from earwax.
  • Smoother treble response accompanies extensive bass and effortless midrange performance typical of Sennheiser’s audiophile headphones.
  • It ships with a comprehensive fit kit, letting consumers find the perfect balance of comfort and stability using various sizes of included ear tips and ear fins—guided by a clever fit test built right into the Smart Control app, ensuring optimum bass response and noise cancelling performance for every listener.
  • Available for pre-order at a special price of INR 18,990 in three colorways: black copper, metallic silver, and graphite. The pre-booking offer starts from 24th April and is valid till 1st May 2024 on the brand webshop, and other leading electronic outlets in India.

Cars: Open your Mercedes-Benz E-Class with your smartphone or smartwatch

Hanover based tech company Continental has added some more smarts to the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. With its smart device-based access solution (CoSmA for short), the technology company offers an access system that turns mobile devices such as smartphones or smartwatches into car keys. For the first time, Continental is providing a complete system that ensures interaction between the digital ecosystems of the vehicle, smart devices and the cloud.

The built-in smart device-based CoSmA access system is a core component of the digital car key. The ultra-wideband (UWB) technology used allows mobile devices such as smartphones or smart watches to open and start the vehicle automatically (hands-free).

For the first time, Continental is supplying Mercedes-Benz AG with the complete CoSmA system comprising a central control unit, transceivers featuring ultra-wideband radio technology and intelligent software.


  • Vehicle owners can create and manage several digital keys at the same time without having to pass on a physical key. This means that the vehicle can be conveniently shared with family members and friends by transmitting the virtual key to other people. The vehicle owner can assign various rights and thus specify, for example, that a person can only open the vehicle but not drive it.
  • The system recognizes valid virtual keys stored on a device and initiates authentication via Bluetooth Low Energy, a particularly energy-saving variant of the Bluetooth standard that is capable of being continuously active in the background. If this is successful, the precise position of the smart device is then determined to the centimeter using UWB technology.
  • The vehicle then only unlocks if the device is within the defined vehicle area. This highly accurate signal localization prevents the radio signal from being intercepted for abusive purposes.
  • It is also only possible to start the engine once the verified end device has been recognized inside the vehicle.
  • The CoSmA system is fully compatible with the specifications of the cross-industry Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), in which car manufacturers, manufacturers of smart devices and technology companies have joined forces to advance the communication and integration of mobile devices and vehicles.
  • Another electronic safety component from Continental is the telematics control unit installed in the vehicle, which ensures smooth data exchange with mobile phone networks and also enables safety-relevant functions such as automatic emergency call (eCall).
  • Comfortable and safe maneuvering is guaranteed at all times, even in situations with poor visibility, thanks to a seamless panoramic view provided by surround view cameras from the Continental portfolio.
  • Furthermore, the technology company’s light control units ensure excellent road illumination thanks to intelligent control of the full LED headlights.


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