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GyaanExchange is one of the most popular learning platforms in India, which offers extensive range of courses at a very minimal fees.

Its also one of the easiest platforms for talented teachers and artists to teach their art and expertise online and have an opportunity to earn as well.

GyaanExchange has got a varied range of interesting courses which you would rarely find in any other learning platform, the best part is each and every course is very well described of what the course contains and why you should opt for that particular course.

We had an opportunity to talk to Vishad Shanghvi, COO of GyaanExchange and learn more about it.

Online Education is a fiercely competitive niche, there are so many big players and we are seeing emerging startups entering this space as well, and most offer a freemium model, How would you describe GyaanExchange’s USP? Why should one opt only of GyaanExchange?

Online Education is in a very nascent stage and there are multiple different models emerging. We believe that the marketplace model is the most sustainable and has the potential of being most impactful. Gyaanexchange is making learning more accessible, affordable and convenient by empowering anybody to create, share and monetize knowledge. We are thus creating a knowledge based economy and therefore in the long term will have the widest availability of quality online courses. Gyaanexchange is one unique platform, which has a combination of both offline and online courses. Students who want to learn online can also find offline learning opportunities and vice versa.

How are the fees for a course decided?

It is the teacher discretion to decide the fee of the course. Gyaanexchange only guides teacher on the price point, which will appeal to most students.

One common question for which every consumer looks for an answer when purchasing a product or service is about the refund policy, What is GyaanExchange’s Refund Policy?

For offline classes, If the student applies before 3 days of the start date of the class, we refund 95% of the amount. If the student applies for a refund within 3 days of the start date of the class, no refund is given Refunds will not be given by cash. All students need to provide us with either their bank details or name to write on a cheque.

For online classes A student will be eligible for a refund for upto 7 days of purchase OR on completing 20% of the non-free playtime, whichever comes first.

Gyaanexchange is not responsible for any dispute arising out of price or mode of payment. Such disputes are entirely between the student and teacher. We trust out members to act with integrity and responsibly.

One thing we couldn’t find on your website, is about the team, tell us something about the people behind GyaanExchange?

Gyaanexchange team has currently ten members:

Siddharth Bhansali, Co-founder, CEO

Siddharth is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. He launched his own IT product development company in 2009 and his clientele include startups like Wishberry,, Springboard Financial etc .As a technologist, Siddharth has made it his life’s mission to find ways to make technology more available and usable by those who don’t have it.

Vishad Shanghvi, Co-founder, COO

Vishad has graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and worked as a consultant for 3 years. Vishad is enthusiast for operations and processes.  Vishad’s goal is to further the paradigm shift that is taking place in the way people think of education and its purpose in our lives.

Content Team: Shivani Bhansali, Moon Banerjee and Afreen Ansari

Marketing Team: Dev Dave

Tech team: Nikita Choudhari, Abhishek Singh, Deovrat Jalgaonkar, Rajendra Namdeo

Who are your biggest competitors?

Our biggest competitors are Udemy and WizIQ

What are the subjects that Gyaanexchange currently caters too?

At the moment we have online classes across the following subjects:

  • Professional Development: Excel, Freelance Journalism, How to start a BPO
  • Marketing: Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
  • Music: Learning Guitar
  • Science: Thermodynamics, Electronics
  • Math: GMAT, 10th Std (NCERT)
  • Finance: Mutual Funds (available in Hindi as well), Finance for Entrepreneurs

… and many more.

Who is the target audience for Gyaanexchange?

At the moment we are focusing on acquiring and creating content for graduating students and young working professionals. We aim to solve the skill needs of many, and some of the skills that are most desirable and hardest to find are in the technology and professional development spaces. We will be focusing on creating access to valuable classes such as: starting your own business, writing your resume, interview preparation, how to create great powerpoint presentations, using excel effectively, learning python ( a very new and in-demand coding language), developing android applications, becoming an android entrepreneur etc.

What are your future plans for GyaanExchange?

Our future plan is to be the goto online market place for learning opportunities.



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