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Heeduser is a community powered customers as well as visitors engagement platform used by companies of all sizes to reduce customer attrition, increase conversion rates, build customer engagement, acquire more customers, drive product innovation and improve customer satisfaction. In simple words, With Heeduser, customers and visitors can ask questions, share ideas, report problems, and truly engage with the brands and companies they care about. Therefore, it helps make a community of customers and bring together all the feedback, comments and ideas of customers relating to the product of the company.

 About Heeduser

Heeduser is the customer engagement platform that helps companies build better relationships with their customers and prospects, through the better online customer community.

Heeduser provides a space where companies and individuals connect around the business including products and services they use.

Most businesses use private helpdesk to support their customers. With private helpdesk, they may need to answer similar questions frequently and there may not be connection among customers. Heeduser eliminates private feedback system and helps companies get their support desk public by reducing support cost. Feedbacks serve companies better when they are public and shared. Heeduser does it.

 Heeduser’s USP

Heeduser provides users with unique features and the team makes sure to continuously upgrade it. Since they have just started it, most of the features look similar to the similar products in the same domain, but they have made it a point to keep on adding new features constantly and making communication among customers a no brainier. is free to use whereas their competitors charge a high price for such service.

They do have unique and easy to use features compared to the others such as customer/visitor tagging, voters list on a topic, community news, etc.

 Journey so far

The first Private Beta of Heeduser was launched in April 2013. Later it went Live on October-01-2013.

It did not cost the developer much to develop Heeduser. Key input to Heeduser was time, effort and brain. The founder of Heeduser- Santosh, fortunately did not see many challenges in getting Heeduser done. His journey mainly had restless and sleepless nights- which he says he thoroughly enjoyed. Since he has just started, he have not done rigorous marketing yet. At present, Heeduser has 150+ registered users and 60+ communities.


The one man team

Santhosh, CEO of Heeduser

Heeduser is maintained and developed single handedly by Santhosh. Santhosh is the Developer as well as the CEO. He has done his MCA from VTU. He has over 5+ years of experience in software development. He is always enthusiastic and carries restlessness and he loves problem solving by coding.


Key Features

a) Heeduser provides brand communities which enables communication among customers.

b) Community Wall : A wall where users can see Questions, Ideas, Problems, and Kudos posted by other customers / visitors

c) Instant Help : These feedback server as instant help to other customers with similar problems.

d) Comments & Vote : Customers/visitors can add comments and/or vote up ideas. Highest voted ideas can be considered by the organization for implementation.

e) Topic Moderation: Heeduser provides basic moderation features.

f) Products : Topics can resolve around products/services

g) Community News : Heeduser let moderators share community news.

h) Social share & Login : Heeduser allows social share of topic and extend reach via social logins

Monetization plans

Heeduser is self-funded. As of today Heeduser is free. The developer is not making revenue from it. However, once Heeduser reaches expected customers it may set a price or may go for donationware model.

 TTP’s  Take

It is an innovative product and really helps company to improve their product and better satisfy the customer. It also provides a medium for customer interaction and solve each other’s queries. Inspite of its advantages, the same service can be more or less provided by social networking websites like facebook where a page or group can be created. However, we wish Heeduser  all the best!


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