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Doesn’t matter if you are a businessman/entrepreneur if you are good at cooking. By cooking I mean having innovative and creative brain inside you. If you are technically handicapped then the story ends right here. But if you are more tilted towards technology and social media, then every entrepreneur should read this article. Entrepreneurs should be tech savvy. It is a hard life for them if they are technologically handicapped. This article is designed keeping in mind that people from all around the world can use IFTTT. Because many of the features like voice inputs are restricted only to USA.

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IFTTT(IF This Then That)  is a service/website that enables users to connect different web applications (e.g.,FacebookEvernoteWeatherDropbox, etc.) together through simple conditional statements known as “Recipes”. IFTTT was developed by Linden Tibbets and launched in 2010. Below are 10 IFTTT recipes to make entrepreneurs more productive.

IFTTT Recipe: Post Update on your Facebook Fan Page gets sent to Twitter with link connects facebook-pages to twitterYou might allow Twitter access to facebook and vice versa, but with this IFTTT recipe you can automatically tweet @ twitter handle with what you post in your facebok page.



IFTTT Recipe: Make a diary of your Facebook statuses in Evernote connects facebook to evernote

Some cool looking entrepreneurs are bloggers. They either use it for business purpose or for personal use. For entrepreneurs using it for business purpose, you should use this IFTTT recipe. Whenever you post anything in blogger, it will get posted in your Facebook page.


IFTTT Recipe: Post on FB Biz page - share on FB personal Page connects facebook-pages to facebookThis will take a post on your business page and share it to your personal page. formatting is important – otherwise Facebook blocks the post/doesn’t repost. THis IFTTT recipe will be extremely helpful if you want to share same content with people who follow your page and between your friends.

IFTTT Recipe: Copy Facebook business page status updates to Google Plus through SMS. Kludgy! connects facebook-pages to gmailWhen a status update is posted to your Facebook page, it will be sent to your Google+ account using the SMS interface. If there are multiple admins of the facebook page and you want to know the recent post, this IFTTT recipe is very helpful



IFTTT Recipe: If new tweet by @HempDirectory, then post to my Twitter Account connects twitter to twitterEPIC. You want to retweet the tweet from any other handler to your own handler. This is getting awesome. Just like you want to post status from Facebook page to profile, this is from one twitter to another (your own).


IFTTT Recipe: Ted Talks tagged Business to Twitter. connects feed to twitterTed Talks latest updates, news and videos on your twitter as soon as they arrive.




IFTTT Recipe: News from Business RSS Feed to Buffer TRAVEL connects feed to bufferForbes news feed. Name is enough to suffice this young IFTTT recipe for entrepreneurs. Every RSS feed of Forbes is added to Buffer.


  IFTTT Recipe: DBL07 Social Media Dominos 2 connects wordpress to facebook-pagesEasy as it gets. Get your Blog posted on your Facebook Business Page. This is handy to post from your business blog to Facebook.


IFTTT Recipe: Email me a link to new files in my #dropbox folder connects dropbox to email


Whenever you upload anything, or whenever anything is uploaded in your dropbox account, you get the link to that file in your email. Pretty cool IFTTT recipe.




IFTTT Recipe: Timecard tracking connects ios-location to ios-reminders

iOS based. Geo-fence to track when you arrive and leave a location.





What’s your favorite IFTTT Recipe? Let us know in the comments.


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