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Before planning to watch a movie, we usually refer to a review by some movie critic. Though, these critics easily discard a movie which you would have thoroughly enjoyed. Suggestion from a friend who has seen the movie can help. But, you can’t call each and every one of your friends to enquire whether they’ve seen it. A social networking platform that enables you and your friends to upgrade personal profiles with useful information shall be quite interesting. lets you do that!

About Innfriend, the story behind and more is a social networking platform that differentiates from other players by providing many interesting features. Planner, an Innfriend feature, is a page where you can add your plans and you will be notified if any of your friends has the same plan. As you update your profile about anything, say college, automatically notifies about your friends attending the same college. It lets you message your friends along with photos and documents. Currently, the Innfriend team is in process of attracting more users. The Startup is using social media marketing for the same.

All the giant social media players such as Facebook and Twitter can be considered as Infriend’s competition. However, Innfriend differentiates by providing special features such as Planner. Differentiating itself from other players also turned out to be the biggest challenge for the Startup. As for funding and money making, Vikas Patel (founder, Infriend) explains, “Our plan is to display ads from AdSense or other advertiser;  As far as investment is concerned we are investing our own money.” In the future, Vikas would like to add more interesting feature on the website. The application is on its way for smartphones and tablets. As for challenges faced, Vikas says, “Challenge faced during outsourcing was to retain same person for entire work and to make new person to understand about work was time consuming.”

TTP’s Take

Although Innfriend looks like a new concept, it does not provide any new disruptive features for existing facebook users to migrate or start using a new platform. As is, social media intervention in our lives is at it’s peak now – and the last we would want is another platform asking us to login everyday to check our updates.  Unless Innfriend innovates and solves a need that no other socal media platform is solving currently, armed with superb marketing techniques to pull the crowd, the long run future looks bleak.

We wish Innfriend team all the very best!


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