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IPMA 3rd Annual Event

[ This article has been contributed by Asutosh Mahapatra,our community builder from Bangalore ]

Event Details
Event Name:  IPMA 3rd Annual Event 2013
Date:  Saturday, 21st September 2013 – 10:00 AM to 5 PM
Venue: SAP Labs Bangalore
 Event Coverage:

The event has been organized by IPMA (Indian Product Management Association), a grassroots organization for product management and marketing community in India. This is their 3rd annual event, and the theme was Mobile, Global and Agile – Shifting Paradigms in Product Management & Marketing. The audience for the event was predominantly Product Developers, Product Managers and aspiring Product Engineers. Around 75 people attended the event.  It started off with a keynote by Sridhar Ranganathan, who explained on how we spend a typical day with different gadgets like  Ipad, Mobile , Laptop and Desktop. He tracked all his records from past 3 years, and what he saw from the analytics displayed is that drastically he is using more phone and tablet for his work.Not surprisingly,the usage of  Computer/ Laptop has reduced from 75% t o 40% .He displayed how the mobile ecosystem worked and where the market is developing, where the app companies are situated.

Next, we had a Panel discussion with Satyajeet Singh, Avaneesh Dubey, Karthik Srinivasan and Sunil Maheshwari.  It was a very interactive session, and around 10 questions were taken from the audience.  Twine,  a gender balanced flirting app demoed which was followed by a networking event.

IPMA 3rd Annual Event

All the participants were divided into 2 groups, and were asked to talk to 30 people in 30 minutes.  This was good for people with prior experience in attending events, but it did not give enough time to get to know the participants well. If we had the introductions before networking event, then probably I would have interacted with people whose profiles would interest me more.

The food served was fantastic.  The post lunch session by Aakrit Vaish was the best in the entire event. He spoke about how to acquire mobile users for your App, and went on to demo Haptik.  His presentation contained a lot of valuable information for the attendees. The final presentation was by Suneel Shenoy.  Being a voracious app user, he took few popular apps and platforms and dissected them for the audience.  Not only that, he made the attendees and volunteers as well to download a few apps before he begun talking about them, and that created a very interactive environment. Uber team was the last to present at the event.

The venue was fantastic and very spacious.  A special mention to the organizing committee, headed by Ravi Padaki. They have really done an awesome job of organizing the event. Overall, the event was very engaging and informative, and well worth the time spent.



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