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India, China and the Philippines have been advancing studies on blockchain and crypto, noting that their Central Bank Digital Currencies will be less environmentally costly than crypto, and will be better for international FX control.

This being said, how will nations link their CBDCs to the real cash in smaller economies and across the globe?

Additionally, what are further issues will need to be resolved?

Horasis Asia Meeting 2022 has announced it is meeting this November 20 and 21 to discuss these topics, among other issues across the continent.

Indian technology leaders speaking at the conference include the below, among others:

  • Francesca Gatti, Program Manager, Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, India • Fumiaki Hirata, President, Universal Bio-sampling, Japan
  • Asif Iqbal, President, Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO), India
  • Aditya Berlia, Founder, Svran-Apeejay Journalism Foundation, India
  • Devin Narang, Managing Director, Sindicatum Sustainable Resource, India
  • Kartik Sharma, Co-founder, DcodeAI, India
  • Preity U?pala, Founder, The Omnia Institute, India
  • Shoummo K Acharya, Chief Executive Officer, eTrans Solutions, India

Horasis Asia Meeting is expected to bring in 300 of the most senior members of its community from Asia and abroad together, and will include in attendance high-ranking Japanese and Asian politicians, in addition to public figures.

The event is co-hosted by the City of Kitakyushu and the Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society.

Said Frank-Jürgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis, “As the global economic downturn increases pressure on leaders, it’s never been more important for us to not only bring decisive solutions to the many advancing issues that communities are dealing with, but also to unite the continent to further Asia’s development.” 


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