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komli_logoKomli Media, one of the leading players in Advertising and Brand Promotion across the Digital Realm has come up with an innovative and amalgamated Remarketing Demand Side Platform (DSP).

The Enterprise Class Remarketing Tool is one of the first ones in India to offer powerful brand suggestion and reminder tools that allow digital marketers to convert site visitors into loyal customers. Moreover, the makers of the same assure that this platform even offers full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics.

What has Komli come–up with now? Komli’s expertise in enhancing Ad Sales by intricately managing finer details of the backend management is unquestionable. It’s not every day that world renowned platforms like Twitter and Facebook decide to saddle–up with such a company.

Remarketing in its basest forms is ensuring the visitors to the brand’s web–properties are continually, but subtly reminded about the brand. Non–intrusive advertising coupled with regular reminders has proven to work in the favor of boosting sales. No wonder that Pepsi and Coca Cola constantly push forth their brands via repetitive advertising.

The new platform is able to manage remarketing across display, mobile and social and that too simultaneously, if needed. It seamlessly combines the transparency and self-serve benefits of a traditional DSP model with the Return on Investment (ROI) and scale of remarketing, by adding features such as Native Dynamic Creative Optimization, Advanced Audience Segmentation, and built-in Performance Optimization. In simpler terms, though remarketing has traditionally been a very expensive proposition, Komli has managed to intelligently put for the brand’s promotional messages by studying visitor behavior and then advertising via a unique predictive algorithm.

Of course, such expertise is gathered only after extensive in–field experience, stated Ashwin Puri, VP, Remarketing, Komli Media,

Komli works with over 75% of the top advertisers in APAC which gives us an opportunity to understand the emerging trends in this market. We are seeing remarketing spends for most performance advertisers, increase rapidly and it will soon be one of the largest channels for digital performance advertising. As this medium becomes significant, advertisers will demand greater transparency and control, which is the evolution we have seen for search and social. Komli has really innovated here to create one of the world’s first remarketing DSPs

Though a very proven technique, remarketing has always been a tricky proposition owing to its high upfront costs, but Komli appears to have brought in an element of accountability. It will be interesting to see how Digital Advertisers and  Virtual Brand Promoters react.


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