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MapmyIndia, India’s leading advanced digital maps and deep-tech company, unveiled the Mappls swadeshi consumer app, logistics tech & APIs integrated with Government of India’s ULIP during the launch event of Government of India’s National Logistics Policy. Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, ever so keen to realize the vision of India’s digital supremacy globally, took time to see the MapmyIndia Mappls showcase and was briefed on the unique and advanced features of the fully indigenous Mappls app and logistics solutions by MapmyIndia – powered by space technologies including geospatial data and software, drones, GPS & NavIC IoT and navigation –  that make movement of goods and people across India better, faster, cheaper and safer. Hon’ble PM in his speech exhorted all to visit the exhibit, leverage the power of Space technologies which he saw in achieving the vision for reduced cost of Logistics, and work together towards an Aaatmanirbhar Bharat.



Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia Mappls, said “It was a privilege to showcase to Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Hon’ble Union Minister Shri Piyush Goyal Ji, Secretary DPIIT Shri Anurag Jain Ji, Special Secretary Logistics Shri Amrit Lal Meena ji, VP NICDC Shri Abhishek Chaudhary Ji, and all other senior dignitaries from the government and industry MapmyIndia Mappls’ world-class capabilities. Being fully indigenous and delivering unique benefits and functionalities critical and relevant to the Indian context, MapmyIndia Mappls can play an important role in boosting India’s economy, and enabling an Aatmanirbhar, Sarvottam Bharat, by helping goods and people move faster, cheaper and safer across India, reducing cost of logistics for both long-haul and last-mile, and improving speed, cost and quality of planning and completion of logistics infrastructure and network connectivity planning pan India. We thank the Government of India, Logistics Division of Ministry of Commerce, NICDC and ULIP for integrating MapmyIndia Mappls APIs into ULIP to help the logistics ecosystem easily track their goods movement on detailed pan-India maps and get expected time of arrival information.”

Key Highlights of MapmyIndia Mappls Logistics Solutions for Enterprises:

  • Users can learn more about MapmyIndia’s solutions for the logistics ecosystem at
  • Highly detailed 2D, 3D, HD, 360 degree, 4D and analytics map data pan India
  • Multi-modal route optimisation and navigation tools and APIs for long-haul and last-mile
  • Route & Journey Scoring and Risk Assessment tools based on safety hazards, costs and suitability for vehicle type to generate optimal route plans and alerts for drivers
  • mGIS geospatial software for planning and analysing urban and rural logistics infrastructure & connectivity in 2D and 3D,
  • Drone-based mapping and maintenance inspection of infrastructure and progress monitoring of construction
  • Digital transformation of logistics operations, including GPS & NavIC IoT for goods movement tracking, fleet and field workforce and asset management
  • N-CASE (Navigation-enabled Connected Vehicle, ADAS & Autonomous Safety, Shared and Electric Mobility Platforms) for Vehicle OEMs.

Key Highlights of MapmyIndia’s Mappls App:

  • The free indigenous maps & navigation Mappls app by MapmyIndia can be experienced at and downloaded from
  • Reduces travel time, costs, hassle, and road accidents, critical in the Indian context, making it the best maps and navigation app for all Indians.
  • Mappls app is free, fully indigenous and is far better than those foreign maps that come pre-loaded with most phones and search engines, which incorrectly depict India’s international boundaries, give inaccurate routes and search results, show junk places at incorrect locations on their maps, and prey on users’ private and personal data to target them with ads. Mappls app on the other hand shows India’s borders correctly, is highly accurate, and has a clean business model that respects users’ privacy – the only thing users need to do is one-time download the Mappls app from the app store, and they can experience a better alternative.
  • Mappls helps in road safety and in reducing accidents, critical in the Indian context, by showing the route summary and giving real-time alerts to drivers about upcoming speed limits, speed cameras, speed breakers, sharp curves, accident-prone zones, traffic signals & photo-realistic 3D views of junctions. Mappls is uniquely integrated with MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways) collected road accident prone zone data and traffic and road closure advisories from traffic authorities, and uniquely integrated with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) satellite imagery and earth observation data about weather, snow cover and more.
  • Mappls offers more detailed and comprehensive coverage of buildings and house addresses, allowing drivers to search exact addresses and reach the doorstep of their destination, without having to call, ask or look around.
  • Mappls offers a simple and smart solution to the problem of long, complex addresses and place information sharing for Indians. Mappls Pin is a simple 6-character digital code for (for e.g. mmi000) containing the exact location, complete address and all other relevant, shareable information such as which floor a flat is own and if it is a public place, then its phone number or website etc, enabling hassle-free and literally last-metre navigation and delivery, and a whole host of other enterprise and governance use cases.
  • Mappls correctly differentiates routes basis vehicle type (4-wheeler, 2-wheeler, truck etc.), avoiding small lanes for 4-wheelers and trucks for example, and accurate, live traffic congestion info, ensuring drivers arrive on time, without getting lost.
  • Mappls give detailed total trip cost estimates including toll gate-wise fees, as well as fuel/battery costs, allowing drivers to plan better & find potentially cheaper routes.
  • Along the route, users can search for all relevant facilities such as rest stops, restaurants, ATMs, garages, hotels, ambulances, blood banks and more to ensure the travel is comfortable and hassle-free in case of breakdown or emergency.
  • Further, Mappls offers immersive 3D Metaverse and 360-degree RealView maps in hundreds of cities and across lakhs of kilometres across India, allowing drivers to be sure of exactly how a place and route looks in real life.
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