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Taboola, the discovery platform, has announced a new dimension to its multi-year partnership with NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited), the Indian news company with more than 170 million unique visitors each month. As of May 2018, NDTV has implemented the Taboola Feed, an infinite scroll of organic and sponsored content on both mobile and desktop pages to build its user engagement and revenue. NDTV has sought this new feature as an answer to its search for new innovative revenue streams that complement the user experience instead of opposing it.

In 2015, NDTV group’s digital arm NDTV Convergence had signed a whopping INR 100-crore deal with Taboola for three years to power its entire network of desktop and mobile sites. As a part of that ongoing partnership, now, the television media company has tapped Taboola to leverage Taboola Feed, an infinite scroll experience that renders a social media experience, serving a mix of sponsored and organic content, videos, and third party cards such as IBM’s The partnership further illustrates the significance of innovative revenue streams, which drive engagement and generate revenue.

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“The launch of Taboola Feed on our desktop and mobile sites last quarter has given us a 30% bump in RPM (Revenue Per Mille) from its location. This is very encouraging and we continue to work with Taboola to enhance the experience on the Feed to drive revenue, engagement and other key metrics. Taboola is a perfect partner for NDTV, because it understands that user experience must be enhanced, not sold out, to build revenue”, said Suparna Singh, Group CEO, NDTV.

Recent adoption of the Taboola Feed has included premium publishers around the world including, New York Daily News,, Trusted Media Brands, and Bauer Media, among others.

“We have a lot to learn from social media, and we are excited to bring those best practices to benefit advertisers, publishers, and users on the Open Web. I believe we’re only a few years away from having the entire internet become personalised, enabling people to engage with content that is most relevant to them at any given moment – a web of one,” said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO, Taboola. “India remains a key market for us and we are thrilled to continue our journey together with our oldest and largest partner, NDTV, to help people discover things they may like and never knew existed.”

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Taboola is a US-Israeli discovery platform, serving over 450 billion recommendations of articles, blogs, videos, products, and apps to over one billion unique users every month on thousands of premium sites and mobile carriers. Publishers, brand marketers, and performance advertisers leverage Taboola to retain users on their sites, monetize their traffic, and distribute organic and sponsored content as well as video to engage high-quality audiences.

Its partners include USA TODAY, Huffington Post, MSN, Business Insider, The Independent, Welt, L’Express, and The Weather Channel. A global company with local service touchpoints, Taboola is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, São Paulo, Mexico City, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Sydney, and Tokyo.


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