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Today, everything is going social. From outings with friends to marriage ceremonies; from a simple walk in the park to a job promotion; you have it all either on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other such network on the World Wide Web. We came across a social network and study center especially for doctors and other medical professionals –

Neuros was founded by Dr.Waiz Wasey, a Doctor cum Internet entrepreneur and Ravi Kiran, computer engineer. Once the foundation was laid down, they ramped up the team, which now comprises of developers, content writers, advisors and social marketing and promoters.  Below is a quick and breezy chat with Dr. Waiz, who tell us about a whole lot of things on Neuros. Read on!

Tell us the story behind the startup – what led you to create Neuros? 

Neuros is a social network cum study center for medical professionals. It combines the basic social networking features while at the same time allowing platforms for medical students & professionals to discuss, share, contribute or comment on medical educational topics.

Being a doctor, I recognized the need and also the benefit of using information technology in medical education. This platform can very well be one of the greatest resources for medical education for students worldwide. Which started as a simple blog turned into Neuros backed by immense support and positive feedback.

How has been the response so far? 

The response has been great! With the website launch in April this year, we have around 7000 signs up already with minimal advertising. With our servers now upgraded and script updated and refined, we are gearing up for advertising and increasing these signs to a huge markup.

We have also seen a huge increase in visits to our website from search engines, as we have kept most of the educational content visible on search engines. And a good amount of these visits turn either into sign ups or mobile app downloads.

What are your key means of revenue generation? How do you plan to market this product?

Most of our revenue is ad generated. Currently a few advertisers owing to the good response have booked ad spaces for upto 6 months. Other means we have explored are subscriptions to premium content, selling study material created by us, Qbank & Model tests purchases and if possible elite club memberships (still researching possibilities).

Currently, Neuros offers a host of features such as discussions, groups and question answer space, etc. what more do you plan to add?

Right now Neuros is only around 20% of the vision. Though we have charted down a list of unique features, new features keep adding up from our think tank onto the paper. The next feature which we plan to release is Online medical tests series for students – and we plan to give access to medical professors and colleges to hold their own exams and practice exams to train students.

Apart from just providing features, our team of talented doctors and designers also work hard in making study aids, illustrations and useful diagrams to help students study smarter. We also gather use medical photos and videos sent to us from our users and doctors to build a large library of medical media.

Team Neuros

Team Neuros

What are your future plans in terms of expansion, funding and other growth aspects?

We are exploring all possibilities. We have been approached by few companies in US for partnerships and also contacted by a VC. But right now we feel an angel investor would do us more good.

We happened to see your ad targeting students with the only social networking and study center concept. Tell us more about it.

Most people nowadays are addicted and latched on to social networking. Either consciously or subconsciously this has become a part of our lives. And rather than just liking pages or sending requests for Farmville or candy crush, we felt a lot of good can be done out of the social networking platforms. The idea is to let medical professionals be social and at the same time make the most out of our platform by learning a thing or two.

Tell us the one thing that has worked in the startup journey so far, and you’d recommend all entrepreneurs do it.

Persistence and determination. These are key tools to winning every battle a startup faces.

TTP’s take on

A promising Start up with a lot of possibilities, has a bright future ahead of it, provided it does adequate marketing to reach the target segment. We wish the Neuros team all the very best!


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