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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent gadget launches.

Qwerty Pad wireless keyboard & mouse combo

French lifestyle brand, ZOOOK, has launched a full-size Qwerty Pad wireless keyboard with 104 keys, and wireless mouse along with a palm rest. The combo has been launched exclusively on Flipkart.

This easy-to-use, reliable Plug and Play combo are widely compatible with devices.

ZOOOK’s Country Head-India Achin Gupta spoke on the occasion of the launch, “As a consumer brand we are constantly doing our R&D and coming up with innovative products that meet the needs of our new age users. The need for wireless keyboards and mice rose during recent times when most of the work shifted online. This also required that the computer or laptop devices should be accessible from a distance, especially for people working for long hours. As always, we are committed to the users and ZOOOK always delivers as per the requirement.”


  • A dedicated Flipkart button that is a shortcut to the Flipkart page on the browser
  • The input devices can be connected to desktop, laptop as well as gaming consoles and peps up the room with peppy blue and yellow combination.
  • It is a part of the latest advanced range of computer accessories launched by the company to cater to the youth and their need for best-in-class technology. It is priced at Rs 999.

Technical Specifications

  • The keyboard is enabled with a 2.4G interface
  • has a USB wireless receiver
  • The 4-keyed mouse has a resolution of 800-1200-1600 DPI and works within a range of 10 meters.
  • Weighing just 580 gm and 56 gm, the keyboard and the mouse are sized at 449.2*192.4*22 mm and 108*62*39 mm respectively.

A smart respiratory muscle training (RMT) device

Indian medtech, Xplore Health Technologies, has come up with a first-of-its-kind respiratory muscle training (RMT) device called Airofit PRO in collaboration with Airofit, Denmark. Lying at the intersection of advanced Medtech and modern respiratory medicine, it is the world’s first personal data-driven smart respiratory training system.

Possessing the ability to pair with a smartphone, Airofit PRO can truly personalize the breathing training experience for anyone making their respiratory muscles stronger, faster, and more efficient. Importantly, the device can train both inspiratory and expiratory muscles, another unique feature.

Essentially, the device works by subjecting the diaphragm and other breathing muscles to resistance training, an exercise involving resistance wheels providing adjustable but restricted airflow to the individual. To explain, since the resistance causes fatigue in breathing muscles, it gets compensated by muscle tissue growth thereby making respiratory muscles more robust allowing longer and deeper breathing.


  • The device checks vital lung capacity every day and tracks various parameters of lung health improvements every day.
  • Offering 17 unique breathing sessions, the device has a real-time live guidance platform that guides a person through all exercises and sessions while tracking his progress derived from real-time data.
  • The device addresses other related aspects of breathing such as respiratory strength, vital capacity, anaerobic threshold, and relaxation.
  • For a new buyer of the product, the company has announced an offer of 90 days free trial of its premium features, including goal-specific training programs.

An all rounder smart watch made in India

Swott has recently announced the launch of ‘Armor 007’an all rounder smartwatch. It seamlessly amalgamates the functionality of a watch and a fitness band. The smartwatch comes with 24 inbuilt sport modes that consistently remind you and motivate you to achieve your desired fitness and health goals.


  • Real time health monitoring by tracking heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep cycle.
  • The watch is smart enough to give timely alerts based on body activity.
  • It comes with a ‘Bluetooth Calling Feature’.
  • With a built in high definition speaker and microphone, you can take calls even when you don’t have your phone near you.
  • 69” touch screen display, complete capacitive touch experience, splash and sweat resistance,
  • 5D curved glass and a sharp brightness of 500 nits even under the sun speaks volumes about the quality that Armor 007 by Swott promises only in INR 1,990.
  • Available in 5 distinct colours, it offers 100+ watch faces with customizable options.

Pocket-friendly smartwatch with 1.85” HD display in the segment

Pebble has earned a place in the hearts of consumers with its range of pocket-friendly smartwatches that are loaded with features. The smartwatch launched is priced at just Rs 1699 and has features like inbuilt games, smart notifications, an upgraded health suite, and Multi Sports Mode for youngsters, sports enthusiasts, and fitness freaks. It is exclusively available on Flipkart-Big Billion Days sale at 1499.

The smartwatch, enabled with capacitive touch for quick access to apps and features, has a square dial with a 1.85” display, which is the largest in the segment.


  • Enabled by 500 Nits brightness, it works perfectly on a bright sunny day as well.
  • It has a high resolution of 240*286 for experiencing a bigger and brighter touch.
  • The smart notifications on the watch allow the users to view their calls, messages, and social media notifications. This means that you will be constantly connected, whether you are driving, in an office meeting, or indulging in a sport and tracking your vitals using the Multiple Sports Modes.
  • Tracks SpO2, heart rate, blood pressure, calories, and step tracking and has a Zen Mode.
  • One can take control of their phone with smart features like a calendar, camera control, music control, inbuilt games, and a calculator.
  • High-performance battery that has a run time of 7-10 days and a standby time of up to 15 days.
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