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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent business launches.

Remote work: IT services to cater to the demand of remote workers

The Dehradun-based home services startup has introduced IT repair services in many cities it serves including Delhi NCR, which includes both computer repair services and computer networking services. The offerings include assembly and installation, software issues, hardware issues, display issues, speaker and microphone issues, data recovery, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and the like.

Sidharth Kulbhasker, Founder of said, “We exist in a highly competitive business world and there is no limit to innovations and strategies. No doubt every business has its pace but the essential need of every businessman today is survival.

Computer networking helps in connecting various devices with the help of a common channel that authenticates resources and data sharing. For a small business, it offers several advantages that can give it wings.”


In the current work from home scenario, one can’t imagine a life without laptops and computers. It can be a real hassle if a computer stops working all of a sudden. In fact, locating a shop that provides decent repair services is also a tough job. Sometimes, visiting exclusive branded outlets for trivial issues is a costly affair.

  • Connects users with the best computer and laptop repair service professionals online in your city
  • Curated and verified technicians provide repair and networking services for consumers’ IT equipment
  • With just a click, the consumer can avail of these services at their doorstep

AI: AI-powered platform to assist writers in developing content in mins

Scalenut, an AI startup by IIT alumni, launched an AI and NLP-powered platform that allows intelligent content research and compelling content writing in minutes. Developed in India, Scalenut is addressing the $400 billion global content development industry.

Mayank Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, Scaleneut said, “Scalenut is for anyone who has ever faced writer’s block and I think it includes almost everyone who has ever tried to write. The idea behind Scalenut was born out of how difficult and frustrating writing content can be. This is especially true for marketers, content creators, and business owners, who write with purpose. The Chrome extension we recently launched makes Scalenut super easy to use while boosting the users’ productivity. We are proud to have created a tech platform in India, which is now being used by creators across the globe, including India.”


Among the top challenges to content creation for marketing and SEO is intelligent research and thereafter writing. Scalenut’s AI-powered platform addresses both these by automating research on topics and following it up with content writing – plagiarism-free and inherently compelling. From research to final draft, Scalenut’s AI-powered self-serve platform covers the entire content lifecycle within minutes.

  • AI-Powered SEO Assistant researches and creates high-ranking long-format blog posts within minutes
  • AI Copywriter creates content and ideas within seconds, including social media posts, Facebook content, sales emails, product descriptions, introduction paragraphs, catchy email subject lines, customer review responder and much more

Digital transformation: New version of mobility framework to build enterprise-grade mobile apps

Newgen Software, a global provider of digital transformation platform, has launched a new version of its mobility framework—Enterprise Mobility Framework 5.0.

The latest version is equipped with various features and functionalities that help organizations rapidly develop highly secure mobile apps with advanced imaging, document handling, and offline support.  With upgraded capabilities in UI design, OCR extraction, notification and device license management, organizations can simplify the building and managing of enterprise mobile apps.

“With the combined power of a low code process automation platform and enterprise mobility framework, we are empowering organizations to move beyond traditional disconnected mobile apps and transactional processes to become more streamlined, collaborative, and customer-centric. The framework gives a platform to build and leverage enterprise apps across different verticals and perform day-to-day activities using a smart, mobile-based solution that enables anytime, anywhere operations,” said Virender Jeet, CEO, Newgen Software.

  • New UI templates to simplify mobile app development, reduce time-to-market with a quick return on investment
  • Upgraded notification management to notify users, devices, or a group via broadcasted messages, exception notifications, real-time updates, and reminders, which can be scheduled or shared on-demand
  • Seamless data synchronization to enable the workforce to switch devices without any loss of data. In case there’s a device loss or damage, active data synchronization ensures data availability, integrity, accuracy, and compliance
  • Enhanced OCR capability to automatically read and extract MRZ data on passports using the mobile camera to auto-fill customer details in forms and eliminate human errors involved in manual data entry
  • Device licensing management to enable IT admins to monitor software licenses and efficiently manage purchases and renewals while ensuring compliance and minimizing operational risks
  • Enhanced document support to quickly preview and enhance quality of captured images with support for multiple file formats, including .jpeg, tiff, and pdf. Furthermore, pdf generation capabilities ensure hassle-free document handling while performing day-to-day operations

Digital security: Online platform to safeguard children’s cyber safety

ESET, a digital security firm, launched its Safer Kids Online platform – a resource site dedicated to building a safer online environment for children in India. The website offers resources – in the form of videos, articles and expert insight – for children, parents and teachers with the aim to enable children to enjoy the full potential of the internet in a secure digital world.

ESET Parental Control includes the possibility of controlling inappropriate web content and managing the amount of time kids spend on certain devices, as well as the suitability of the applications they’re using. This allows parents to limit their child’s use of certain sites and receive reports on his or her online activities, hopefully becoming aware of any issues before they become entrenched.

“Through this initiative, we hope to play a role in protecting the safety and well-being of children online, and we remain committed to keeping the Internet safe for everyone,” said Parvinder Walia, President of Asia Pacific and Japan, ESET.

The Problem

As a result of the shift to digitalisation that has been accelerated by the pandemic, children today can access digital devices and online platforms for various activities, ranging from online learning and video streaming to online games and social media. However, this also puts them at greater risk of encountering online threats. Against this backdrop, it is critical to provide children with guidance, and equip them with the essential skills to remain safe while navigating in an online environment.


According to the ESET APAC Consumer Cybersecurity Survey 2021, 94% of parents in India take various actions such as using parental control applications, checking internet browser history and limiting screen time to ensure that their children are safe from online threats. Despite the actions taken, 21% of Indian parents said their children had been exposed to inappropriate content online. In addition, 78% of them have not spoken to their children about cybersecurity.

  • Includes a host of resources suitable for younger children, teenagers and their parents, which have all been developed in consultation with a notable child psychologist and ESET’s cybersecurity experts.
  • Guidance and advice for children and adults around how to stay safe online and will be geared around key monthly topics, including how to manage screen time, looking out for signs of cyberbullying and protecting children from online predators.
  • Monthly topics will include targeted resources for different ages such as a video series for kids aimed at ages 7+, animated comics for older children aged 11+, and an in-depth explanation in the form of expert articles and vlogs for parents
  • Quizzes and prize contests for parents to win attractive prizes for their children
  • Free software, namely ESET Parental Control for Android, which allows parents to look after their children’s online well-being.

EdTech: OTT learning platforms for college students & working professionals

PrepInsta, EdTech startup for practice coding, aptitude, and new technologies announced new platform PrepInsta Prime which will follow an OTT format enabling learning material and techniques for college students and working professionals.

Unlike other platforms where aspirants can only access a single course, and get restricted if they wish to explore, through PrepInsta Prime they may avail all the courses available on the platform. The subscriptions for the students are available at a very nominal price starting from INR 2499 for 3 months to INR 6499 for 48 Months.

“We aim to democratise learning where a learner should get access to quality education at affordable prices with PrepInsta Prime Subscription. Students should not sacrifice learning outcomes and should have access to and explore all skills, technologies and job opportunities in the new digital world,” said Atulya Kaushik, CEO & Co-Founder, PrepInsta.

“We target upskilling around 100K learners by the end of 2022. Additionally, PrepInsta prime shall continue adding new courses in sync with the market demand. By the end of the current calendar year, we plan to have at least 300 courses on its portfolio.”, said Manish Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, PrepInsta.

  • Offers 150+ courses under a single subscription plan
  • Covers popular upskilling programs including- upskilling courses, coding courses, placement preparation courses etc., to widen the scope of job opportunities for the aspirant
  • Subscription includes upskilling courses like – AI/ Machine Learning, cybersecurity, coding courses in C/C++, Python, DSA, competitive coding
  • Provides company-specific micro-courses for brands like Amazon, TCS, Mu Sigma, Capgemini and others 150+ courses

AI: One-of-its kind document digitisation platform

New-age technology and development firm, Getafix Technologies recently unveiled an AI-powered data extractor and complete data mapping solution, Scanroid, that automates manual data entry process. The newly launched document digitisation solution can scan and read documents, categorise them automatically and ensure data validation and accuracy.

Getafix Technologies has successfully implemented the AI-powered data digitisation solution in several industries, including HR, insurance, finance, accounting, and law. Scanroid has delivered an accuracy rate of 95% in our internal testing and in their proof of concept projects. The tests highlighted a 38% faster retrieval of documents compared to traditionally stored documents – in part due to indexing of otherwise non-indexed data.

As a launch promo, Getafix Technologies is offering a free trial with usage restrictions. Post free trial, the product will follow dynamic pricing and its costing will depend on the number of scans used in a month.

Asif Bhat, CEO & Co-Founder, Getafix Technologies said, “We are delighted to bring forth an industry-agnostic solution that can revolutionise the document digitisation process of multiple industries and businesses. With Scanroid, we endeavour to minimise human efforts and errors while significantly lowering the cost and time spent in manual data digitisation. As a tech-driven company, we want to accelerate the AI and automation adoption of Indian businesses and provide them a pain-free document digitisation solution.”

  • Advanced capabilities that can identify text, characters, images and more
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow of companies with their HRMS, ERP and E-commerce software
  • Automates error-prone and time-consuming data digitisation processes and brings down the cost of manual document digitisation
  • Can parse documents in over 200 languages and reduces errors by 52% and manual document processing costs by 35%

SaaS: Tech that amps up employee productivity

NWORX – the B2B SaaS platform that embeds productivity enhancement and professional development into everyday work, released ‘NWORX3’ – a technology that enables employee excellence and productivity enhancement at a scale in small and large organizations. NWORX3 radical expands on the capabilities on its existing NWORX platform.

“Organizations rely on constant upskilling to remain relevant in the present business landscape. To empower organizations with high-performing workforce and leadership, we have released NWORX3. We are excited to enable all professional development providers to offer digitally enhanced program experiences to employees at their enterprise clients, on NWORX3,” Hariraj, CEO of NWORX said.

The Problem

In the present volatile, uncertain and competitive business landscape, organizations are exploring ways to enhance dynamic functional and managerial capabilities as well as effectiveness of every individual. The existing NWORX platform has several solutions to embed capability development in the real-time business context. With NWORX3, the company has launched a new avatar of this flagship product as a creator platform to be used by any corporate training team or a professional development service provider to set up their solutions and to deliver them as powerful experiences to their target audience.

  • Offers AI driven hyper-personalized, work-integrated and goal-oriented experience, designed by experts in productivity management and behavioural sciences
  • Integrated with OKR and HR systems
  • Customizable for various jobs and roles and configurable for any given business context
  • Supports broad range of productivity & performance solutions such as first-time manager readiness, hiring manager certification, sales transformation enablement, high performance culture building and diverse workforce enablement

Customer Communication: Upgraded CCM to modernise customer communications

Newgen Software, a low code digital transformation platform, launched OmniOMS 10.0, an upgraded version of its Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform (CCM).

The latest version of the platform offers enhanced architectural and user experience (UX) changes. The upgraded version enables containerization support for OmniOMS on the AWS platform enabling organizations to leverage the cloud infrastructure and ensure faster time-to-market. The redefined UX changes modernize the user interface and transitions in the system, thereby ensuring seamless interactions and significantly improving business users’ journeys.

“With the upgraded version, we will be able to empower our customers further to create and manage end-to-end customer communications, reduce deployment times, boost employee productivity, and minimize the dependency on costly IT resources,” said Virender Jeet, CEO, Newgen Software.

  • Docker-container Architecture: Optimizes cloud infrastructure costs and generates faster communications
  • Fillable PDFs & Data Extraction: Assists in the offline and complex onboarding journeys that require inputs from various teams to complete the fillable PDF
  • Template Migration: Ensures hassle-free migration of templates from legacy CCM systems to modern cloud-based OmniOMS platform
  • Integration with Amazon S3: Stores and retrieves communications securely on Amazon S3 buckets to integrate with other business processes and offers all-time data availability
  • Modern Admin Console: Offers a one-stop solution to perform all the communication governance activities with ease and leverage top-quality dashboards for communications tracking
  • Revamped Interactive Editor: Enhances user experience for managing contracts and letters with seamless collaboration


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