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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent product launches.

EdTech & Metaverse: The first NFT platform for kids to showcase their talent

STEM Metaverse, an experiential learning platform for students has built an in-house and blockchain-enabled NFT platform where kids can upload their artwork with complete security.

“Many times, kids are extremely talented but only a few people know about this. The main aim behind creating the NFT platform for kids was to give children a platform to express themselves and share their work in a secure environment that is specially designed for kids. We are certain that this NFT platform will open up many opportunities for students to get recognized for their creativity and boost their confidence immensely.” shares Ritika Kumar, Co-founder of STEM Metaverse.

The Why

Uploading artwork on Opensea and other mainstream NFT platforms requires one to link wallets and earn through cryptocurrency which can be a lot for kids. Hence, the STEM metaverse NFT platform offers a highly secure blockchain-enabled space that is Copa Complaint and does not require the child to reveal their private details, like phone number, email etc.

Although the NFT platform is scalable internationally, the brand’s core focus during the initial period is on the Indian market. Through the Kukdukoo Art Festival and other collaborations, STEM Metaverse envisions getting universities to start using these platforms as a part of their admission process, value and reward exceptional creative talent in young kids.


  • Kids can upload and sell their NFT to earn token virtual currency that can be redeemed for educational products, courses, and content within the STEM Metaverse platform.
  • This platform has been built, using blockchain, as a safe digital space for children to upload their artwork.
  • On every upload, children will be given a DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset Kit.

Metaverse: A holistic NFT and metaverse platform for artists, creators, technologists to create, list, sell, & share digital assets

Mint Valley, a holistic web3 Digital assets platform, was launched in UAE on the sidelines of the Dubai Design Week 2022 held from November 8 to November 12. Mint Valley is powered by MOI (My Own Internet), the world’s first context-aware p2p network enabling sustainability, scalability, and personalization in the Metaverse. In collaboration with their Middle East partner MetaDecrypt, Mint Valley also presented the participants at the Design Week with Proof of Attendance tokens and personalized NFT certificates.

“We are delighted to have Mint Valley, a one stop destination for listing, selling, and sharing of digital assets, as part of the MOI eco-system. Through this product, users will get personalized experience at lightning-fast speed with absolutely zero transaction cost in all of their interactions on the platform. The process for minting NFTs varies a lot depending on the platform. All one needs is a distinctive digital asset, a non-custodial hot wallet, and a renowned and trusted NFT marketplace and Mint Valley is the primary solution to that.” – Anantha Krishnan, CEO, Sarva Labs.

The Why

NFTs have become significantly popular among art lovers and investors in recent years. As per the Dapp Radar report, NFT sales volumes totaled roughly $24.9 billion in 2021 which was a tremendous rise from roughly $94.9 million in 2020. With the considerable increase in usage, Mint Valley provides a platform for smooth execution of minting and trading digital assets while keeping the user experience simple and easy to navigate.


  • A personalized ecosystem for artists, creators, technologists to create, list, sell, and share digital assets
  • Allows users to create, customize, and sell digital with no transaction fees, easy wallet access, and a simple and fast user experience.
  • Supports buying and selling of digital assets completely in fiat currencies in a regulatory friendly manner.
  • Built on top of MOI (My Own Internet), a decentralized global web3 network that supports humanized interactions on the internet enabling true P2P value transfers and personalized digital interactions.
  • A user-centric personalization protocol for the emerging digitally interacting world
  • Billions of transactions can be sustainably and securely executed across millions of nodes
  • SentinelOne Integrates with Ping Identity for Autonomous Response to Security Threats

Cybersecurity: Joint solution extends Singularity XDR to Identity Access Management (IAM) with autonomous response, defense in depth, and no-code automation capabilities

SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, announced a Singularity XDR platform expansion with Ping Identity, enabling joint automated response between identity access management and enterprise attack surfaces. By utilizing both identity and endpoint defenses, joint customers can better investigate and stop attacks, preventing lateral movement and protecting high-value enterprise assets.

“Attackers’ preferred method for exploiting businesses is to target identities and endpoints,” said Matt Bates, Director of Technology Alliances, Ping Identity. “Security teams often rely on multiple siloed solutions to prevent these attacks, which delays mean time to respond and limits their ability to stop attacks in progress. The combination of Ping and SentinelOne brings powerful contextual awareness and automated response capabilities to identity management, leveling the playing field for joint customers.”

The Why

Today’s Security Operation Centers (SOCs) typically rely on a mesh of disparate technologies, leading to knowledge silos, gaps in visibility, and a lack of contextual awareness. Furthermore, security teams are often overwhelmed, responding manually to increasing numbers of threats, providing attackers more than enough time to move laterally and gain network persistence.

The SentinelOne Singularity XDR App for PingDirectory and SentinelOne Singularity XDR App for PingOne empowers teams to combine best-in-breed technologies to respond across the two most commonly targeted attack vectors. The integration of Ping Identity’s scalable and reliable identity and access management (IAM) solution and SentinelOne Singularity XDR’s patented StorylineTM technology which observes all concurrent activities, provides unmatched protection against attacks.


  • Built-in automation prevents and remediates the effects of malware, ransomware, and zero-days
  • Singularity XDR can instantly take action in Ping Identity to suspend users, force password resets, or force reauthentication
  • Autonomous Response: automate incident response across endpoints and identities to contain attacks faster
  • Defense in Depth: unify leading technologies for comprehensive coverage against advanced attacks
  • No-Code Automation: powerful automation with no scripting, coding, or complex configuration

Connectivity: Affordable 300 Mbps speed plan @INR 167/month in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Excitel, a fiber broadband network in India, announced Mumbai’s most affordable 300 Mbps speed plan @INR 167/month. The special plan is launched as a limited time offer starting from November 15, 2022 that aims to cater the growing demand of high-speed Internet and swift adoption for users across Mumbai.

Vivek Raina, CEO & Co-Founder, Excitel, said, “We at Excitel, are constantly working towards providing the best internet experience for our users and our offerings and plans are based on insights from users across the country. The young today look for uninterrupted and unbound internet experiences and our new plan is targeted to ensure the same for them. The new On-boarding plan is an effort from Excitel to provide a chance to ensure high speed FTTH service to those users who have been denied this till now due to higher onboarding costs. With every expansion and plan we are moving forward to our larger goal of ensuring high-speed fiber broadband connection in every part of the country.”

The Why

Excitel’s most affordable plan is an effective step towards their goal of providing value for money high-speed internet, with unlimited downloads and it is now available across Mumbai. The plan has been executed at a time when an increasing number of users are switching to fiber broadband to experience high speed internet at home because of ongoing advancements in education, employment, and entertainment.


  • Users can activate the plan by visiting Excitel’s website and filling out the customer form, or by contacting their nearest Excitel Regional Partner.
  • This is a one-time introductory offer that is only applicable for new connections and prospective customers can request for the plan during the installation across Mumbai.

Gadget: Broadcasting & streaming portfolio boost with two new remote cameras

Driven by its pursuit in innovation, Canon India launched the all-new innovative Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) remote cameras, namely CR-N500 and CR-N300 to meet the diverse needs of the broadcasting and streaming industry. Designed and customized for every segment ranging from corporates and broadcast/production houses to house of worship, education segment and event management, these cameras make workflows seamless with unrivalled clarity.

Manabu Yamazaki, President & CEO, Canon India said “At Canon India, we are constantly analyzing new trends in the industry and the ways in which the broadcasting industry is shapeshifting since the pandemic. The sharp rise across the streaming and broadcasting arena has prompted the growth of video production and distribution in both live and recorded formats. Marking our foray in the remote camera category, the newly introduced products demonstrate our continuous commitment to bring the most advanced imaging solutions to our customers. Addressing the varied needs of remote operations, these cameras are well poised to meet the changing demands of the customers in the broadcasting and streaming segment and we are confident that they will be received positively.”

The Why

K Bhaskhar, Senior Vice President – Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India said, “Over the years, Canon has emerged to be a trusted brand, well known for the innovative and reliable imaging solutions for customers across segments. Having established our footprint across multiple avenues and industries, we are proud to elevate our product proposition further, with the launch of new remote cameras, CR-N500 and CR-N300.

With comprehensive innovative features, these are the ideal choice for varied production landscapes looking for workflow compliant broadcasting solutions. Ensuring the operation of many cameras using a single operator, these remote cameras significantly ease the economic operational expenses and provide flexibility to customers. Further, with features like dual auto focus, numerous IP streaming and control protocols, we look forward to new ways in which broadcasters will be able to engage their audience using our latest offerings.”


Canon CR-N500

The CR-N500 is a multi-faceted camera that targets the shooting and distribution of high-quality videos through a remote setting. This new system demonstrates the incredibly quick response time of the device during remote operations, whilst also offering flexible methods during video production and broadcasting, all controlled through a one-man operation setting.

Canon CR-N300

Equipped with a Hybrid Autofocus system that combines high-precision contrast AF at high-speed phases, this camera allows users to also make use of the impressive pre-set scene mode, which allows a shooting mode based on the subject environment. Equipped with a small yet mighty 20x optical zoom along with its wide-angle and high magnification, the CR-N300 covers a wide range of shooting needs, from simple web streaming to studio broadcast production.

Renewables: A platform for sustainable biofuels & industrial decarbonization projects

GPS Renewables (GPSR), a Bengaluru-based bioenergy technology firm, has launched ARYA, a climate infrastructure platform focused on sustainable biofuels and industrial decarbonization projects. Founded with an aim to help India achieve its Net Zero target, Arya will incubate, develop, and operate climate-positive projects, with GPS Renewables as the execution partner.

Mohit Gupta, COO of GPSR Arya said, “There is an urgent need to reduce India’s dependence on oil imports, and biofuels can play a significant role in this effort. At GPS Renewables, we are focused on building solutions that can accelerate climate-positive projects. GPSR Arya is a step in that direction. Arya will invest in projects which have a clear GHG mitigation potential. For the first set of projects under execution, we are setting up two Paddy Straw to CBG (compressed biogas) plants in the state of Haryana. We plan to introduce many more similar initiatives that can help India transition towards net zero emissions”

The Why

India is the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide globally despite having low per-capita emissions. A report by McKinsey Sustainability indicates that six industries—power, steel, automotive, aviation, cement, and agriculture—are responsible for the majority (about 70%) of these emissions. At COP26, India pledged to meet 50% of its energy needs from non-fossil sources and set a goal of reaching Net Zero by 2070. To meet this goal, environmental projects need to be prioritised and accelerated.

GPSR Arya will also prioritise projects that focus on managing stubble by using it as biofuel. Every year, Punjab and Haryana generate 27 million tonnes of paddy straw of which 75% is non-basmati variety. This majority straw is rich in silica and not suitable for cattle feed and this is a primary driver for stubble burning. For the last several years, stubble burning has been one of the primary reasons for air pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas. Using non-basmati paddy straw as a source for biofuel will reduce the stubble burning and encourage its use as a valuable resource.


GPS Arya will cater to the following types of projects

  • BioCNG / CBG (compressed biogas) projects based on feedstocks such as MSW (Municipal solid waste), paddy straw, press mud cake and bagasse (residues from sugarcane production).
  • 1G ethanol and biorefinery projects based on damaged grains (and other non-food competing feedstocks)
  • 2G ethanol projects based on agro residues.
  • Industrial decarbonisation projects.

SDK: Toolkit to simplify transactions as emphasis on user retention for dApps grow

Biconomy, the hyper-flexible toolkit that superpowers developers’ Web3 stacks, launches a software development kit (Biconomy SDK) to transform the way developers build easy-to-use decentralized applications (dApps).

“There is no point building in Web3 if no one can use your products. User onboarding and retention are key for the growth of individual dApps and the crypto environment as a whole. Biconomy was built with the next billion web3 users in mind and we are fulfilling this goal by meeting developer and user needs. From gasless to one-click transactions, we are making sure engaging with Web3 feels second nature and as easy as signing your name,” said Ahmed Al-Balaghi, Co-Founder of Biconomy.

The Why

As institutional and retail adoption of cryptocurrencies and dApps grow, dApp developers can onboard more Web2 users by hiding the nuts and bolts behind complex on-chain transactions.

This way, the majority of Web2 users can onboard and interact with dApps easily — playing games, buying and trading NFTs and other digital assets — without deep knowledge of blockchain technology. dApps can save their users a ton of time and costs.


  • The Biconomy SDK introduces time-saving steps for developers such as reducing multi-step transactions into one-click interactions, simple-to-use smart contract wallets, and a conveniently gasless and chainless experience for users.
  • With its current API suite, Biconomy enables more than 50,000 transactions daily, with gas fees sponsored by the dApps for users. It also allows users to pay for fees in a token other than that of the blockchain.
  • Developers can offer users practical UX benefits such as secure Web2-like social logins and recovery for accounts. One-click interactions for multistep transactions. Transaction batching removes the need for repeated authorization. Gasless and chainless experiences. Convenient fee payments in ERC20 tokens and fiat on-ramps and credit card purchases of crypto or NFTs.
  • This means greater user retention as those trying to complete a transaction are less likely to give up halfway through a drawn-out transaction process. It also protects against failed transactions, as it guarantees they will all be settled.

Web3: CV Wallet developed using decentralised wallet technology

CV Wallet takes all of the elements of Web3 technologies, including blockchain, decentralisation, digital identities and verifiable credentials, to create the world’s first Web3 hiring ecosystem. For jobseekers, this means an upgraded smart CV held securely in a decentralised app-based wallet. For employers, it means an open skills-based hiring platform, built on trust.

CV Wallet has been developed by serial technology entrepreneurs, Richard and Beverly Collins, who co-founded programmatic job advertising platform, ClickIQ, which sold to Indeed in 2019.

“Thanks to blockchain and other Web3 technologies, we’ve been able to develop CV Wallet and finally upgrade the traditional CV to a smart CV,” says Richard Collins.

 “We are reimagining the global hiring ecosystem and fundamentally rethinking how people find work and companies attract talent. We believe the future of hiring is skills-based recruitment, which has been almost impossible to date because the technology simply hasn’t been there. CV Wallet is the first step towards our ambition of allowing employers to make direct offers to relevant, qualified, blockchain-verified candidates via a streamlined recruitment process.”

The Why

The root of the problem within the recruitment industry is that HR technology and the hiring process are woefully outdated and unfit for purpose in a post-Covid world of work. For the first time ever, there’s an opportunity for HR and recruitment leaders to take a significant leap forward, and it’s being made possible by the advent of the latest Web3 technologies.

Beverly Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, said, “Unbelievably the traditional CV has barely changed in 400 years, and the recruitment industry has built a hiring process that has become unfair, inefficient and untrusted off the back of it.

“Global hiring processes have seriously fallen behind the times. This has resulted in unsecure centralised data, fraudulent qualification claims, unnecessarily long recruitment processes, inadequate screening, wasted time for employers and candidates, plus many more issues.”


CV Wallet allows jobseekers to prove their capabilities: through skills assessments, qualifications and their experience. Once a relevant third party has verified a skill, it is stored securely via blockchain.

Assessors can verify assessments that have been completed by candidates and stored in their smart CV Wallet. Job-seekers can save and share their credentials with potential employers.

App: New mobile app targeting pet parents looking for convenient shopping

JUSTDOGS, India’s largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for the needs of pets, has announced the launch of its new mobile app thereby consolidating its portfolio of omni-channel offerings. The JUSTDOGS app was launched at Pet Fed – India’s largest pet festival presented by JUSTDOGS.

Ashish Anthony, founder and director, JUSTDOGS, said, “Online shopping is in the comfort zone for a number of pet parents these days who choose it for convenience and ease. The JUSTDOGS app has been launched to cater to the rapidly growing community of pet parents that prefer mobile shopping for the variety and efficiency it offers. We understand the need to invest in quality products and services delivered with convenience. In addition to this, we have also observed an increasing awareness about pet health and hygiene. Pet parents are becoming more conscious of the well-being of their furry companions and turning towards the internet to fulfill their needs.  With this new app, while we offer a range of shopping options we will also work on building a rich repository of information and data that will help enrich the lives of both pets and their parents.”

The Why

The company aims to create a full stack online experience for pet parents across the country and is currently present in 16 cities with over 42 stores, which provide a complete experience where pets can also visit the outlets.

According to industry reports, the pet care segment in India is valued at around Rs 4,000 crore and growing at a CAGR of about 30%, as per industry reports. In two/three years the segment is expected to touch the magic figure of ?10,000 crore. The digital transformation of the pet care industry is fueled by the rapid growth of e-commerce in India. E-commerce has brought affordable pet care to tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well thus expanding the reach of pet parents in India. With a plethora of advantages, e-commerce in the pet care space is beginning to change the purchasing activity of pet parents while making it accessible, affordable and enjoyable.


  • Dedicated knowledge corner about young pets with informational content to ease the anxiety of being new pet parents
  • Offers targeted browsing through breed, age, brand among other filters placed though the vast inventory
  • Available on the android platform and will be available on IOS from the next quarter

EV: High-performance electric motorcycle starting at INR 3.8 lakh

Ultraviolette, an innovator in sustainable mobility, commercially launched its first and much anticipated product, the F77, India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle, starting at an ex-showroom price of INR 3.8 lakh. Inspired by aerospace engineering, and with industry-leading range and performance in a class-apart design, the F77 redefines the identity of electric vehicles globally.

Narayan Subramaniam, Co-founder and CEO, Ultraviolette, said, “The F77 is a result of Ultraviolette’s relentless pursuit for design and performance, and we can proudly claim that it is the most powerful electric two-wheeler in India with industry-first tech architecture and features. The F77 proves that superior performance and uncompromising power can be packed in a stunning form factor that India has been waiting for, and very soon it will be available globally.”

Furthermore, Ultraviolette announced a limited edition series of the F77, paying tribute to its future focused vision, and only 77 units will be manufactured.

The Why

Ultraviolette aims to establish itself as an international electric mobility brand from India and has an active roadmap to launch the F77 in selected markets in the next couple of years. As many as 70,000 pre-registration interests have already been received from over 190 countries, indicating the immense desire for the F77. While international expansion is planned, the India rollout of the F77 will begin in January 2023 from Bangalore, followed by a pan-India rollout and a company-owned servicing ecosystem through 2023. The first Ultraviolette Experience Center will open in Bangalore. Production has commenced at Ultraviolette’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Bangalore.


  • Available for customers in three distinct and striking forms: Airstrike, Shadow, and Laser, the F77 is imagined
  • Powered by an integrated 10.3 kWh Lithium-ion battery architecture on the top variant, the F77 Recon, that produces a staggering 95 Nm of peak torque and 29 kW (38.9 HP) of peak power, and with the most advanced battery pack in the industry, it offers an IDC Range of 307 km, the highest for any electric two-wheeler in India.
  • Three distinct ride modes: Glide, Combat, and Ballistic
  • Available in meteor grey with afterburner yellow
  • It comes with 30.2 kW (40.5 HP) of peak power and 100 Nm of peak torque, delivering 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 152 km/h.
  • Equipped with avionics-inspired vehicle electronics and battery technology
  • Preventive maintenance, ride analytics, service, anti-theft and real-time data interpretation through the display and an app
  • Access to one of the most comprehensive warranty offerings in the space, with the highest being 8 years/1,00,000 km.

Agtech: First-of-its-kind DIY insurance for farmers

Absolute, a plant bioscience company in collaboration with DigiSafe has launched India’s first-of-its-kind Do-It-Yourself insurance marketplace – Digifasal. This is in collaboration with Absolute and Digisafe to provide financial support to farmers leading to sustainable agricultural practices.

Sourabh Bagla, Director, Upaj, Absolute said, “Adverse climatic conditions have resulted in India losing about 69 million hectares of crop area in the past 6 years. As a result, hundreds of farmers have succumbed to the burden of debts. As agriculture holds a significant position in the Indian economy, timely insurance payouts and security covers can be a huge boost to the farmers and the sector. Taking this into account, we have transformed our personalized farm-specific advisory application, Upaj to now enable customizable insurance to the farmers, furthering out pursuit to make a farmer’s life easier and more successful”.

The Why

Insurance penetration in rural India is less than 4 percent owing to pricing, trust deficit, and delayed claim settlement processes. With DIY insurance marketplace, farmers will have the freedom to select parametric insurance products from several insurers available at their respective pin codes. Digifasal, will complement the existing insurance schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana, and mitigate roadblocks by providing affordable insurance options to farmers.


A one-stop-solution to a million farmers at every stage of crop production – with services like soil testing, advisory, and now, insurance.

EV: Electric motorcycle manufacturer experience centre in India

India’s first and fast-growing electric motorcycle manufacturer, Tork Motors introduced its first-ever experience centre in India. The new centre will display the revolutionary KRATOS of all the available colours, along with multiple test-ride options. Located near Law College in Pune, the centre will cater to a growing customer base for unmatched sales and after-sales experience.

Kapil Shelke, Founder and CEO of Tork Motors, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the first-ever Tork Experience centre in Pune for our customers. The centre is designed to offer a unique experience to Tork customers based in and around Pune. The showroom with its contemporary engagement features will offer a perfect mix of digital and physical rendezvous to the visitors. This inauguration is a step forward to achieving our strategic vision, as it will also serve as a model outlet for the business prospects. Going forward, we will offer this experience centre to other cities to cater to the growing popularity of KRATOS in the country.”

The Why

With an aim to offer a distinct ownership experience to the valued customers, the new centre will offer the best combination of digital and physical format. This modern format creates an enriching ownership experience for the customers with state-of-the-art concepts and designs, along with a team of a talented workforce.


  • This introduction strengthens Tork Motors’ focus to offer an all-inclusive ownership experience to KRATOS customers
  • Located near Law College in Pune, the touchpoint will serve as a one-stop shop for customers’ sales and after-sales requirements

Esports: Gaming app unveils 3 new in-house developed games for better user experience

Khiladi Adda, Indian micro eSports tournament hosting and online gaming platform has recently announced the launch of three new in-house developed games – FanBattle, Ludo and Word Search to share more expansive experiences with its users. The newly integrated games provide the real money gaming enthusiasts the experience of curated games which are fun to play and rewarding at the same time.

Satyam Rastogi of KhiladiAdda said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our in-house games in KhiladiAdda that brings to our users a better and seamless experience. This time we have targeted all sets of audiences and each integrated game will serve the requirements and skill sets of our engaged users. We hope to see an overwhelming response for the users which will encourage us to bring more games to increase the options for our users.”

The Why

India has become an emerging gaming hub that has particularly drawn the interest of millennials and GenZ with real money gaming formats. Knowing that the industry is ripe for disruption, Khiladi Adda has integrated the fun and excitement of gaming with lucrative incentive structures that enable players to monetise their skills and time in a secure and compliant manner. Incepted in 2019, the multi game platform allows its users to play FanBattle, Ludo and Word Search in a contest and earn real cash rewards.


  • FanBattle offers ease of participation and a simplified fantasy experience to its users
  • It gives preset player combos curated by experts which the user simply has to select using their analytical skills and understanding of the game.


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