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The mobile landscape in India is exponentially increasing YoY. Every Indian mobile phone manufacture company has tied up with service giants be it booking a cab, recharging your phone or payment of bills, our smartphone is flooded with applications. Screens seem to be a clutter, with never-ending choices to download more applications. Now, just imagine a world where it could all be simple, where your wishes are granted, by just asking someone to do things for you, instead of going through various interfaces and applications.

That’s what Niki is here to do. Niki is an AI powered bot that is set out to simplify Ordering experience through a simple chat interface. The first of its kind, Niki Ordering app is a fully automated chatbot that you can converse with. She understands human language in the context of products and services that it provides. She guides you to select the best service by giving recommendations and then make the transaction, hence completing your purchase.

The UI of the App is extremely fresh and simple to use. They have a simple chat interface as you open the App where you can just start chatting with Niki to get on with your order. If you wish to tap your way through, dynamic buttons appear on the screen when a decision making is required so as to enable power users to move quickly to a transaction. The speed of conversation ensures that you complete your transaction within a couple of minutes, even less at times.

There is excess content on internet today. Making a choice across various available options is extremely confusing and boring for any consumer. Strong personalisation based on preferences can really speed-up the decision making process for any transaction. Majority of the Indians use 2G to power their smart phones & even the ones who subscribe to 3G are quite often forced to use 2G. The Niki App is extremely light weight and works seamlessly on Wifi / 2G / 3G internet networks. review


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