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About PaisaSwipe:

What would be more free than free money for a free advertisement. Paisa Swipe Android App is best Indian startup example for this statement. Free money is one way of saying – but you can also recharge your phones or transfer it to paypal. They are planning for a DTH recharge in the near future too. Well, there aren’t just another coup d’etat of worldwide ads. but are upcoming movie trailers and news. Getting high on surfing is better than swiping left and getting what’s hot.

Steps To Use PaisaSwipe:

Step 1.

Install the Paisa Swipe Beta app from the play store and open it. Swipe right to end the tutorials.


Step 2.

Signup with either logging into Facebook or creating a new account. After signing up, press the power button to let your mobile go to sleep.

Step 3.

When you press the power button, Paisa Swipe comes into effect. There is 1 advertisement at a time. Swipe left to view the ad and earn Rs. 0.10 or swipe right to skip Paisa Swipe

paisa swipe

Step 4.

Check your account inside Paisa Swipe app and see how much you earned frequently by clicking on ads.


> You can earn upto Rs. 300 per month by just viewing ads

> Referring to your friends increases income manyfold.

> You can buy products, transfer to paypal, make donations or recharge phone and/or DTH.


> Just another irritating app producing referrals and other payment systems.

> only 0.10 paise added eachtime you click an ad.

> Time waster (do you seriously want to shift this point to Pros?)

> Less user satisfaction i.e maybe not supported in other devices.

> Minimum cashout is Rs. 300. Calculate the amount of time you are going to earn this.

Interface and Overall Quality

Paisa Swipe

Let us conclude this. Cons weighs much much heavier in the pivot when Pros is placed in the second pot. It doesn’t mean that this app is useless, it is just that every coin has two side. An average human being living in the US goes through 3000 advertisement in 1 single day, are you going to the one who want to go through the advertisements irrespective of your interest? (with earnings)


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