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Look around and you will find every second person around are into photography, and most of them indeed are amazing. However, with so many photographers around there are not many platform where they get an opportunity to showcase their talent except for social networking sites. But with Photodilse, the amateur photographers get an opportunity to showcase their clicks and also improve their skills.

Photodilse is not a mere website but a community. A community where a German photographer is mentoring and guiding a Delhi based amateur artist and an artist from Israel is sharing his work and gaining fans and followers from India and Indonesia. The artists are not just mere photographers they serve as guides and mentors for millions of our viewers.

 Why Photodilse…

Photodilse is one of its kind website in several ways. Unlike other websites it doesn’t just feature top photographers but the developers believe in sharing the work of amateurs-after all everyone starts as a no body and achieves success with time.

Most photography websites would reject the work of amateurs saying it wouldn’t meet their standards. Photodilse however, publishes the art of enthusiastic and deserving photographers thus providing them an exclusive platform to share their talent at the national and the international level.

 The team involved

Photodilse is owned and managed by the 2 co-founders Sudeep Samanta and Shailesh Lad. They both have been childhood friends, classmates and now co-owners of a successful startup. The owners both have worked in unison for several assignments including organizing college events to developing commercial websites but Photodilse has certainly been the most special thing so far…


Sudeep and Shailesh- team Photodilse

Sudeep and Shailesh- team Photodilse

The success of the partnership can be attributed to the chemistry, coordination and faith in each other’s work that they have developed over the years.

However, the developers believe that the most important part of Photodilse are their Photoartists. These are the individuals who bring life to their website with their wonderful art of photography and without their contributions Photodilse would have never achieved the heights it has.

 Journey so far

Photodilse since its inception has been able to publish photographs of more than 100 photo artists from all over the globe. Photoartists’ club include pieces from amateurs to those who are renowned all over the world for their work.

Some of the elite photographers on Photodilse are Mr. Sudhir Shivram (Wildlife), Mr. Shikhei Goh (Macro), Mr. Gian Mark Quidasol (Fashion), Mr. Rohan Reilly (Monochrome), Mr. Caras Ionut (Fine Art), Ms. Elena Kallis (Underwater), Ms. Marina Cano (Wildlife), Mr. Osman Ghani (Wedding), Ms. Sapna Reddy, Mr. Richard Bernabe, Mr. Vinod Krishnan and many more.

Photodilse has amassed over 5,000 photographs, 100,000 visitors, and 750,000 page views in just over 7 months since its inception. The Photodilse community consists of Photoartists from several parts of the world spanning around 35+ countries.

 Student startup and the challenges involved

Sudeep and the other co-founder Shailesh are just 20 years and still pursuing studies in their respective fields.

Challenges were several as they are in any startup, the most outstanding being financial support and monetary backup to supplement our ideas. In the initial months when both the founders would save that extra bit from our pocket money and curtail the daily expenses to clear payments of the web hosting company. Money therefore has been the biggest challenge to overcome but the owners are certain they will overcome this problem given the growth rate.

However, they are also looking for sponsors who would be ready to invest in their idea.Apart from this the only major problem was to manage the work load of super hectic science practical’s, lectures and the STARTUP all at the same time.

Marketing Techniques

Marketing is the most important part of any business but the Photodilse team did not follow a dedicated marketing strategy. They used social network to spread their website.

They marketed their website through what they term as ‘Auto-marketing’. They featured the work of others thereby helping the budding photographers spread their wings and they in turn helped the team to spread the website.

Each time a person shares the link of his images or interview he or she is indirectly marketing their website. In this way the team turn people into ’Stars’ and they turn them into ‘Superstars’.

Monetization plans

One of the aims of the team when they started Photodilse was to create a stock-photo website for selling photographs and earn revenue from the same in the form of commission fee (Similar to an auction fee) but very soon they realized that the task at hand was not easy without any prior experience and lack of legal knowledge. So, the idea was scrapped and in subsequent months they decided to lay foundation of a website that would publish photographs and interviews without charging a penny.

However, now after the success Photodilse has achieved the team have been recommended by several renowned artists to transform Photodilse in to a Stock-Photo Website. With their support, guidance and hard work the team is working on a creative model that will incorporate various changes into the website making it a Photo publisher and seller without compromising the current concept of free sharing and promotion of photoart.

 Future plans

Photodilse has already created a noticeable platform for amateurs and professionals to share their work within just 6 months of their startup. Their community has amassed large viewership and fan following as mentioned above.

Apart from this the single biggest project in the pipeline is the Photodilse e-magazine and a subsequent offline version of the same in the coming months. The creative team is working on the concept and the developers are in the process of acquiring sponsors and more online support.

The underlying goal remains to be India’s top Stock-Photo company in the future.

 TTP Take on Photodilse

With photography gaining mileage rapidly and so many budding photographers all around, photodilse is a nice platform for them which helps them showcase their talent. We wish the Photodilse team all the best!


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