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TechCircle will be hosting its second edition of SaaS Forum on on August 7 at Chancery Pavilion Hotel Bangalore. Its has been named as TechCircle Runway where only top selected SaaS products and companies will be demoed.

Each presenter will only have 5 minutes on stage to present the product details, the USP, the business model, market opportunities and how the product can disrupt the existing market to create value.

If you are building a SaaS product and would like to showcase your innovation you can apply by filling the online application form. If you have any queries you can send in your emails to [email protected] or call on 0120-4171111, and for suggesting agenda and nominating speakers email to [email protected].

TechCircle will bring together more than 150 stake holders, including CEOs representing top and  emerging SaaS firms, innovators as well as private equity and venture capital investors betting on this space.

Names of some of the speakers:

  • Alok Goyal – Partner, Helion Venture Partners
  • Abhay Deshpande – Founder & CEO, Martjack
  • Aditya Sanghi –  Co-founder & CEO, Hotelogix
  • Ambarish Gupta – Founder & CEO, Knowlarity Communications Pvt Ltd
  • Aneesh Reddy – Co-founder & CEO, Capillary Technologies
  • Avlesh Singh – Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage
  • Dhiraj Kacker – Co-founder & CEO,
  • Girish Rowjee – Co-founder & CEO, Greytip Software
  • Harishankaran K – Co-founder,  Interviewstreet
  • Kaushik Thakkar – Co-founder & CEO, Nevales
  • Murli Ravi – Head of South Asia Investment, Jafco Asia
  • Robin Moses – Founder & CEO, Reach Accountant
  • Sandeep Singhal – Co-founder, Nexus Venture Partners
  • Sanjay Nath – Co-founder & MD, Blume Ventures
  • Shivakumar Ganesan – Co-founder & CEO, Exotel
  • Venkat Raju – Ex-MD, ACI Worldwide Inc and an Active Angel Investor

There will be more coming in.

It will be a full day session discussing and debating the future of SaaS product businesses from India; how competitive are Indian products vis-à-vis global products; how SaaS product companies move to the next level; how to convert from high touch to low touch; how to get the product positioning right; how companies go global successfully; how companies bring discipline in product operations; how to get the sales and customer acquisition strategy right; how to build an inside sales team; and how to make channel partnerships work successfully.

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