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Season 2 of Playground is here, the eagerly expected follow-up to the inaugural series of India’s first gaming entertainment show. A Rusk Media production, the second season will be streamed live on Playground YouTube channel and daily drama between contestants will be distributed on Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service. Following the huge response from the Gen-Z crowd in the first season, there’s naturally a lot of anticipation and excitement ahead of the latest series of episodes, which will be shown over four weeks. Here’s a sneak peek into the 14 Tryouts episodes:

Tryouts episode 1 is when the season begins, and the contestants are introduced. With new mentors and a new team, the excitement level is high as we find out whether Monu Bikomiya and Harshita Shukla will be able to clear the level (or not!).

There’s no let up in the entertainment in Tryouts episode 2, as Ayan Ali and Gurleen attempt to clear the level. The 3rd episode sees Tryouts go global, with Eli Engelbert, an international participant and Grammy nominated singer, joining the cast. Eli and Dhruv Sangwan try their luck in clearing the level, as do Ashish and Ankita in Tryouts episode 4. 

In episode 5, we see Vanshaj, MVP and runner-up of Playground 1, taking on Unnati Tomar, to find out who is able to get three thumbs-ups from the mentors and clear the level. Things get a little interesting in Tryouts episode 6 because Keshav has found that memes can change your life-he will square off against Rain in an effort to impress the mentors.

In episode 7 of Tryouts, there’s an interesting battle on the cards between Raunak and Yully. Raunak dreams of buying a house but he faces a tough test against the charming Yully, to catch the eye of the mentors. And in episode 8, it will be time for Ayushi and Adarsh to show off their gaming skills, and prove who is the more entertaining. 

There’s a twist in Tryouts episode 9 when Jessica and Gary Lu have to convince the mentors who’s the most entertaining out of the two-because their understanding of gaming is almost nil! But that’s nothing compared to what we’ll witness in episode 10, when the mentors catch some contestants cheating. Expect a few thumbs-downs!

Tryouts episode 11 may well turn out to be a tear-jerker-Mahira is hoping for three thumbs-up so that she can get a step closer to realising her mother’s dreams. In episode 12, we find out whether it is possible for retained contestants like Tanya Palta and Shamik to receive thumbs-ups from all five mentors.

Kashyap, high on energy, and the sweet (or not so?) Anirudh Sharma, will be keen to show who’s better when it comes to keeping the mentors entertained-each will be aiming for three thumps-ups in episode 13. And in the concluding and 14th episode of Tryouts, Adit Minocha, the leader of the winning team in Season 1, returns to discover if he can retain his MVP title-or whether talented gamers Siddhi and Vincent will spoil his comeback.

iQOO, Charged by Thums up,, boAt, LG OLED, MAAC, AJIO, Dr. Luxur, and Virgio have partnered with Playground for the second season. Among the partners in the previous season of ‘Playground’ were MAAC, KFC, BBK, Dark Fantasy, Wings, and Lifelong.

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