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With exaggerating Content Marketing over preceding years, people are working hard to promote their organization within the community. Bridging between various data houses is often a tedious task but Cloud Based Applications such as Sosio abates the gap. Sosio is a one-step-solution to integrate, rejuvenate and clasp inbound and outbound marketing for all the Managers anywhere in the society.


Just how social it sounds, Sosio is the next generation custom tailored cloud based application to suit the requirement of managers in the communities. It is a platform which helps them to attract volunteers, manage their supporters for their events/causes, raise funds and measure their Key Performance Indicators. This brings in more accountability, bridges the bi-directional communication gap, and adds efficiency to the day-to-day activities.

 Talking about Sosio…
Saket Bhushan, Founder Sosio

Saket Bhushan, Founder Sosio

Saket Bhushan was an engineering graduate with decent research work in his under grad days, and had plans for going for masters, but in the 8th semester, met with an accident, and had to sleep in his hostel room, out of boredom started making Facebook apps for fun. Friends started using it, coding a real life app felt much more interesting than optimizing algorithms.

He chucks the masters offer, and worked hard for 1.5 years at 2 different startups to get the feel of creating and managing a software company. With decent experience bootstrapped a startup, the first one was a C2C which started from a personal pain point, gradually pivoted to a domain where he had identified the gap, and built the application using the lean methodology.

The first prototype was built in 7 days flat. However, it took around 30 days to fine tune it to meet customer requirement and produce awesome revenue.



  • Software is not meant to be much complex so that it can provide good abstract view.
  • Community Admins can do cross platforms shout outs of their respective causes
  • Get analytic view with figures to check what is working for them.
  • Quick conversation between clients and customers and managers via telephone or mails
  • Create Event and invite other community related people
  • Accepting donations.


More about Sosio…

“We are ourselves building an inbound marketing tool, wait till we have fine tuned the product, and acquired customers, an article – “how sosio uses sosio to build sosio” is already in pipeline 🙂 says Saket. As of now, scale is not the point of focus, rather iterating on the product and keeping the initial set of customers happy is the goal of Sosio.

“The lean startup method teaches you to get out of the building, identify real life pain points. We have been almost religious in following the lean approach for customer development, that with the contextual awareness of local eco-system. An understanding of the domain streamlined the lean process. Bootstrapping till you start generating revenues is a good enough way to start.”, he continues when asked what he learned on the way.

Future Plans…

It would be good if people and managers find Sosio the best way to communicate, share and devote. The sole purpose of Sosio remains to help as many communities organize and manage themselves.

TTP’s take on Sosio

Lot of startups sprung around the concept of using technology to ease the business operations in various domains. With the proliferation of Internet & Social Media, huge number of communities are formed and it is getting tougher for the community managers to promote their causes, maintain contacts and track contributions. Currently in it’s beta, Sosio definitely looks promising as it tackles a pain point in community management. Commercially, this would work better with communities with funds to spare. It would be interesting to see how Non Profits will lap up this product, since majority of their operations will depend on donations.


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