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Currently, there is lot of focus in e-learning all around the world. There are established players, new entrants and everyone’s passion is to help people learn in a better way. Learning is one of the things that never ends in anyone’s life. We all had the experience in schools and colleges, where we were subjected to both theory and practicals. If I remember anything from my college days, that was from my computer and electronics labs. Here’s a new cloud e-learning startup – aiming to help people learn by doing.

Sparsha, a TechSparks 2011 finalist has two awesome products – docircuits for electronic circuits and coderipe for learning C programming language. The hands-on experience will be useful to students and teachers alike. The products have received lot of good feedback from premier educational instituations. Here is a sneek peek at iLearnMore, the platform to learn circuits :

We caught up with Debabrata, co-founder of Sparsha Technologies. Here are the excerpts of the chat:

Tell us about Sparsha – what areas of Education is your company targeting?

sparsha-logoWe are building hands on learning labs on the cloud for higher education. This is targeted towards engineering students, science students and diploma students.

Can you please tell us about the products launched by Sparsha? Are they launched for pilot anywhere and how was the response?

We have developed Electronics / Electrical virtual labs and labs in the computer science and engineering space. Our products are being used by over 250 colleges globally in 130+ countries. We are growing 20% month on month on our user base.

From recent press reports, we understand that IEEE and IIT Gandhinagar has used Sparsha’s docircuits products for their pilot program. Congrats for that, and tell us how hard/easy it is to get noticed by institutes like IEEE. What kind of strategies do you use to get your wonderful products noticed by the outside world?

We primarily rely on online marketing for growing awareness of our product. We also have a B2B channel sales team which focuses on getting key marquee customers like IEEE to work with us.

Can one link LMS products with your virtual lab products? Is it possible to create new content courses, with a lot of other media and some content from your product?

Yes, our solution can be linked to any LMS for doing labs and assignments in Electronics and CS. It is possible to create new lab experiments and assignments using our product,

What are the future plans for Sparsha? Where do you see the company headed after 5 years?

We see ourselves being recognized as providers of world class products that enable hands on learning in Science, Technology and Engineering in a scalable way.

Now, an year after the startup launch, please share a good and bad experience with us.

Good – we have always wowed people with our product, design and use cases. We have been appreciated and students have written letters to us on how much they benefitted learning from our tool. These kind of incidents make our day.

Bad experiences teach us to learn and our best lessons have come from bad experiences. There are people who would take startups for a ride promising the world. We have trusted people only to realize that the only people we can trust in this journey are ourselves.

Is there anything that you would like to share with the readers of TheTechPanda?

Sure, we entreat the readers to go try out our electronics labs at and give us their valuable feedback.

About the founders 

debabarata_bagchiKapil and Debabrata are graduates of the IIT system in India ( Deb – IIT KGP, Kapil – IITD) and between them they have more than 20+ years of startup experience in electronics design automation industry. They have multiple US patents in the EDA space and have been part of startups in executive roles and have had successful exits in this space. Sparsha has a  great team R&D and test team of engineers in Bangalore and a business development presence in Dallas, TX. Debabrata takes care of Sales and Marketing while Kapil takes care of the engineering side of things in Sparsha.

We wish Sparsha all the best and hope they continue to produce such quality e-learning courses available to the public.


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