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STEMROBO Technologies, a Noida-based EdTech company, has launched its global online learning platform called Tinker Learning, which aims to provide relevant and interesting learning solutions in STEM, Robotics, IoT, Experiential Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to K-12 students.

The objective behind the launch of the platform is to nurture essential 21-century skills and foster students’ out of the box logical thinking. With 200+ mentors, it has registered more than 50,000 subscribers within 15 days of the launch. With the company’s existing tie-up with over 1200+ schools, the company plans to engage 5,00,000+ subscribers within FY21-22.

The platform aims to provide access in India as well as other global markets in Africa, UK, USA and UAE. Through Tinker Learning, STEMROBO Technologies plans to shift the whole education culture of K-12 from ‘active listeners’ to active makers’. The platform would provide every student with an immersive learning experience through strategic technology, project-based learning and helping them to solve real-world problems that matter.

Speaking about the expansion plans, the Co-founder of STEMROBO Technologies, Anurag Gupta, says, “Our company is dedicatedly working to embed curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds. We inculcate innovative skills in them like designing mindset, adaptive learning, computational thinking, and many more. Amid the pandemic situation, we cannot forget the challenges that we have faced as our model for all courses were offline. But we took this big crisis as a potential opportunity and brought a change in our approach.”

“We have shifted our previous approach from B2B to B2B2C so that the kids don’t suffer while schools remain shut. Our team has worked hard to curate all online content for the platform so that everything is just a click away for our users” he added.

Another Co-founder, Rajeev Tiwari, adds, “Today undoubtedly, online Learning is the future and the need of the hour. So, to keep up with this pandemic situation and the market trend in this competitive scenario, we had to launch the Tinker Learning platform. When children learn how everything is related to science & technology, their thought process will become broader which in turn will contribute towards the growth of society. We aim to do the same with the launch of our exclusive online platform as the world needs more problem-solvers and innovators than consumers.”

STEMROBO Technologies has a pan India client base focussed on STEM education. Recently, the company’s AI Connect Platform has been selected under the AI Step-up Module initiative launched by NITI Aayog and NASSCOM.


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