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Indian corporate is transforming every day. Digitization is enveloping the entire corporate set up in a blanket of cybersecurity, cloud, and automation. Latest technologies like bots, AI, and Machine Learning (ML), are constantly trying to bring down the cost of services.

CMS IT Services, a Bangalore-based technology company, is a leading system integrator and managed services provider. It offers an integrated portfolio of products, solutions, services, built around AI, automation, cloud, cybersecurity, and digital. Currently, it has over 6,500 employees serving more than 300 leading enterprises across key industries.

The Tech Panda spoke to Anuj Vaid, EVP at CMS IT Services, who says that they are as much a business-enabler as they are a technology enabler.

Anuj Vaid

We help our customers accelerate their digital transformation and leverage future-fit technology to be resilient, evolve with the market, and continuously enhance value

“We help our customers accelerate their digital transformation and leverage future-fit technology to be resilient, evolve with the market, and continuously enhance value. Whether it’s bringing AI-augmented automation within reach or securing new-age digital enterprises, we are committed to delivering the technology foundation on which our customers thrive and transform for the future,” he says.

They recently launched the Remote Automation Centre for Enterprise (RACE), which they claim is India’s first shared service delivery model and competence centre for intelligent automation. RACE delivers the full power of AI-augmented Robotic Process Automation amplified by the flexibility, scalability, and support of a shared service. It makes IT-infrastructure automation affordable for organizations of all sizes.

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In addition to RACE, they have launched the Defensible Cybersecurity Framework last year. This helps enterprises to adopt best practices coming out of international standards like NIST, ISO, and Cyber-Kill-Chain, while remaining agile and accommodating of business requirements.

The CMS IT Edge

CMS IT creates custom differentiated experiences, because, as Vaid says, ´simply delivering value is not enough in this digital age.´

“Value is a given. It’s the experience that makes a difference. Customers come for our bespoke solutions and world-class delivery skills. They stay for the exceptional flexibility, ease of working, and genuine customer-first experience,” he says proudly.

Simply delivering value is not enough in this digital age

The company has been India-focused for more than a decade and thus, are familiar with what works here.

“Our unique insights are a strategic advantage for us as well as our customers,” he adds.

Growth Story

CMS IT prides itself in their near-100% customer retention rate, informs Vaid. Thanks to their strong customer relationships, they have grown services revenue almost three times over the last five years. Their digital services mix has grown eight-fold, and they have delivered mega cloud transformations for marquee organizations.

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“We’re evolving into trusted digital transformation partners for global customers. Our partners – like Automation Anywhere – have also awarded us for our excellence and contributions. Media has deemed us one of the top ten RPA providers of 2020 and credited the organisation for excellence in providing innovative solutions in enterprise applications during the pandemic.


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