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This remote working tool is allowing distributed teams to collaborate easily with the help of async video meetings and auto-transcribed notes.

While remote working has made it easy to survive in socially distanced work lives, one of the challenges is the lack of boundaries. Work hours are stretching into personal times of employees. Often mandatory video calls keep employees in odd time zones awake.

This is impacting productivity and organizations are losing talent as well. To solve this problem, Australian software product development house, Five2One, is launching RemoteWorkly, which uses async video meetings and auto-transcribed notes to help remote teams meet without the hassles of conventional meetings or Zoom calls. It allows users to record a video message and share it with their team.

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“We are the bridge between Slack/email and Zoom calls. Teams no longer need to wake up at odd hours or block time to attend meetings. Asynchronous will be synonymous with remote work,” says Vaibhav Namburi, Founder and CEO of RemoteWorkly.

“We’re the ´anti-zoom´ meeting, we improve focus and productivity. Improve autonomy as well as flexibility, keep teams more connected and remove the fear of missing out,” he adds.

How it Works

Since it’s an async tool, other team-members don’t have to join the call. A user sends a message when it’s convenient for them, and others watch it when it’s comfortable for them. Moreover, all the videos are auto-transcribed, so the user can read the messages and be absolutely clear.

The users can also search through the transcripts to find the important points. Also, managers and leaders can check on their teams without micro-managing.

RemoteWorkly also offers deep integrations with tools like Jira, Slack, Asana, and Trello, allowing users to reference/manage tickets from one place. They can manage their entire workflow from one place asynchronously, which wasn’t possible until now.

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It offers flexibility and clarity, and helps teams conduct meetings that are far more effective than even face-to-face meetings. So, it’s an answer for all those corporate leaders who think that conventional meetings are a waste of time.

Within a couple of weeks of its launch, RemoteWorkly has managed to have 200 companies and 800 users using it. Looks like it will fulfil its mission to make remote work convenient and efficient for teams worldwide, by helping teams overcome the hassles of other tools or conventional office meetings.


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