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This Indian construction tech platform is providing customers with a safer, convenient, and virtual alternative to build their dream homes.

The most pressing issue for home builders right now is the fear and uncertainty regarding both Covid and the current state of construction activity. The pandemic has complicated both short-term and long-term plans for many, as people are now worried about the challenges that will accompany house construction.

To ensure customer safety through social distancing and allowing them to track the progress of their homes through its tech platform, Brick&Bolt, the Indian tech enabled construction company, has introduced ‘Contactless Construction’. The idea behind the launch is to provide customers with a safer, convenient and virtual alternative to build their dream homes.

The announcement comes in the light of the current Covid situation where safety and social distancing is a key priority for customers. With the launch, Brick&Bolt has created a technology solution that maintains a high level of construction productivity even during these challenging times.

With contactless construction, customers can work with contractors and project managers over the phone or video conferencing. Documents can also be signed electronically. Customers can also approve plans, track real time progress and monitor every aspect of the project virtually. With a designated project manager and the use of multiple technology platforms, the company ensures no quality check is missed during the construction process.

Commenting on the announcement, Jayesh Rajpurohit, Co-Founder and CEO, Brick&Bolt said, “Lockdowns and social distancing made the pandemic particularly difficult for home builders. We wanted to build an alternative construction model that integrates safety, construction technology and customer comfort with on-ground construction activity. Through ‘Contactless Construction’, we have created a virtual system that facilitates quality assurance, better communication and collaboration between contractors, customers and vendors, all within the comfort of the customer’s home. It is one step forward in delivering on our promise to make construction transparent, predictable and truly digitized.”

About Brick&Bolt

Founded in 2018, Brick&Bolt is a tech enabled construction company that provides end-to-end solutions in the construction space ranging from home construction to commercial construction. The platform provides start to finish aka a design-to-build service that enables real time tracking, communication, quality checks and updates on projects from day one till the final project delivery day.

The platform caters to a wide gamut of end-to-end solutions in the construction space, including home construction, commercial construction and provides first of its kind design-to-build construction model, a model that connects  contractors with prospective clients and executes projects on turnkey basis  from day one till the final project delivery day. 

The company raised US$ 1.5 million in a pre-Series A funding round, led by Sequoia India’s scale-up program, Surge, in February 2020. In August 2020, the company saw an additional raise of USD 2.20 million from Germany-based venture capital firm Foundamental.

In the last three years, the startup has recorded 1400% growth, and the company plans to continue on the same trajectory. They have currently built 150 homes in Bangalore and Mysore and have an expansion plan in four more cities in the next two years and 15+ cities in the next five years.


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