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If we look at all the various kinds of netizens out there, the geeks, the semantic lovers, the causual surfers, the time restricted connectors, who ever it may but 90 to 95 percent of them are youtube streamers. You want to refresh, you want to create something viral, you want to learn, get educated, youtube has become the one-stop destination for majority of net connected humans.

And how many times did this struck you “Oh! I need to have this video”, “I need this video on my PC, I’ll watch it a hundred times, when ever i want, even if offline”. What happens here is, you install and try out different types of high memory consuming applications, which crash often, and then you surf across several torrent and file-share sites to search for the video you saw on youtube only to realize your computer got affected by a virus and now your browser is crashing a thousand times.

Just stop wasting the bandwidth, stop torturing the browser and your computer, there’s a very neat and simple solution to get the youtube video you want.

An advantage of being a tech savvy internet addict is, many a times you stumble across really useful stuffs and I happened to encounter this: 4k video downloader, a tiny little application, available for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac operating systems. Its qiuck and flowy.

let me take you into its features and work flow:

I work on a Vaio laptop, with Ubuntu operating system installed, version 12.10 studio, and use Reliance Netconnect+ for internet which is a CDMA EVDO device.

Once the 4k video downloader is installed, When you double click and start the application, you’ll see a small window frame like the one below:

4k start window

If you look in the small frame of 4k video downloader, there’s a Smart Mode, which allows you to set the type of file format and the pixel resolution quality of the videos you will be downloading.

Here’s the Smart Mode window:


4k smart mode

To download a video, you just need to copy the video’s URL, i.e. the link, which you can also get by doing a right click, and ‘Copy Link Location’, then click on the Paste URL, a small parsing window will pop up:


4k parsing video

The parsing window will take just 2-3 seconds and then, you get a Download Clip window:


4k download window


In the download window, you again have the option to select the video format, and if you want with sub-titles, there’s an option for that as well, tcoming below, select the folder, where you want to download and that’s it.

I tested with 3 different sizes of videos, first a small 2 minute video, here’s how it went:


4k small video

If you observe, its a 1min 59 second video, which is of size 8.2 MB and it gave me a speed of approximately 169 Kb/sec, which is really good, because living in a hyped metro city, I don’t usually get that speed.

And the best part is, it gets better, when I tried download a 10 minute video:


4k medium video

Its a 10 min 51 second video, of size 28.3 MB and I am getting a speed of 197.5 Kb/sec, I expected the speed to go down, but it got better.

Finally, testing out with a big one, a 21 minute video:


4k big video

I found the real life Iron man, Elon Musk’s Ted Talk, its a 21 min 05 second video, size 59.1MB and speed further improved to 236.5 Kb/sec.

The download speed did fluctuate, but i am happy, i never got this amount of speed while downloading.

If you love to download or are required to download, talks, lessons, seminars or something else, just give this little application a try and let us know your feedback in the comments.



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