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the fizzle show

For anyone in online business and looking at the visitor count, they must have read at least an article from ThinkTraffic. This website contains incredibly useful tips for starting and growing an online business. Recently, Corbett Barr, Cheese Reeves and Caleb Wojcik – the guys at ThinkTraffic have launched their weekly podcast – The Fizzle Show. It has released its 10th episode on how to stay motivated.  I’ve gone out and listened to every single episode of their Podcast, to see if the content is of good value to the listeners. Let’s find out!

What’s in a name?

The dictionary meaning of Fizzle is to end or fail in a weak or disappointing way. The other meaning is to bustle with energy, crackle. A lot of businesses fizzle out – from the great start to a miserable ending. This Show is to help businesses to prevent themselves fizzling out.  In The Fizzle Show, the hosts explore why most founders burn out and how others find their path to success and creative fulfillment.

Our Review of the Podcast

The podcast definitely comes from people of authority in the field of blogging, creativity and entertainment.  Corbett Barr, usually called “the wise one” on the show, has first hand successful experience at building traffic to his own website . Caleb Wojcik, is called the “deep one” for his deep voice, has Finance background and has quit his job 9 months of starting his own blog Pocket Changed. Chase Reeves, takes the name depending on the show mood, is has done a lot of creative and project management work in the past, including Father Apprentice.

Few things work for The Fizzle Show. First of all, it’s the ease with which the podcast is conducted. The speakers have fun on the show and have really interesting conversations. Corbett comes up with more serious stuff and Chase is kind of ice breaker for all sorts of discussions and he is the one who talks the most on the show.  Except for the episode entirely about Caleb’s entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t hear Caleb talk a lot. The format of the show is quite neat as well – each episode runs for an average of 50 minutes to 1 hour.  The hosts have a topic to discuss and then answer questions from the readers. Most of the times, the answers are so detailed that just one question takes up the entire time of Q & A.  The choice of topics to speak out is one of the excellent things about this podcast. They are general and every entrepreneur under the sun will have those questions. Going by the hosts’s reputation of delivering insanely useful valuable content, the listener is tempted to listen to their suggestions on the topic. And they get the most out of the podcast too. Last but not the least, the music in the show is awesome!

The hosts are smart, as they started their episode with the topic they are best at – Finding Your Voice. This runs through 2 episodes and roughly gives an idea of how the podcast will be structured for all their upcoming episodes.  The next 3 episodes are to get to know the hosts better – and these are the episodes that struck with me the most. It’s heartening to see them share so many details about their entrepreneurial journey and understand that success comes with taking some really bold steps along the way.  From the 6th episode, regular podcast content has kicked off and it’s engaging, entertaining and insightful.

I felt that,  the Q & A session could be a lot shorter than it is currently.  The hosts sometimes turn it into their conversation, rather than just answer the question to the point. By making it short, we could get to listen suggestions to more questions, which would be of more value to listeners.  I would love to have them feature lesser known bloggers, but who are equally successful in turning things around. People relate a lot to them, and get the gist of the discussion more quickly.

Final Words on The Fizzle Show

Go for it guys!  Take it on a run with you, on the subway to work or when you want expert suggestions on a topic that’s bothering you. You will get really great insights into various topics, all delivered with a good dose of humor induced in.


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