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Something new is coming in the world of lap desks for gamers: style!

Nerdytec, a German company that makes the Couchmaster portable lap desk for gamers (see an earlier review on CNET), has just dropped its latest creation, the Couchmaster® CYPINK, a hot pink, furry version of the top rated gaming desk.

The CYPINK marks a new aesthetic direction for Nerdytec, with its highly textured cushions and eye-popping colors.

Besides facilitating long gaming and work sessions with its fluffy armrests, the Couchmaster CYPINK also includes a power supply and accessory pockets for ultimate convenience, and a large ventilation grille to keep laptops cool. The desk’s surface is also wide enough to hold several devices, like a laptop, and headphones, and there’s even space for a beverage.

Moreover, the couch desk features smart solutions like the integrated tablet and smartphone holder. It’s also ergonomically designed to prevent shoulder and neck tension and provides a comfortable sitting position that allows users to sit for extended periods without experiencing discomfort.

Image credit: Nerdytec

The couch desk’s new fluffy outer texture is also awesome to touch!

“We wanted to set a new precedent for couch desks with the CYPINK, and we’re super proud of the outcome,” said co-founder and CTO Roman Jakob. “Users don’t always get to choose colorful palettes for their gaming and work accessories, so we wanted to give them that, plus the added comfort of a new and exciting texture.”

The CTO added that Nerdytec is as committed as ever to delivering “out-of-the-box products” that meet customer needs.

As Laura Gray, a reporter at The Escapist who reviewed the CYPINK, found, the desk’s easy breakdown makes it simple to store.


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