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At Zomato, the team is always on a quest to make your love for delicacies ascend and so the bots and food cupids are always on hunt to bring the best dishes and serving tables to your finger tips.

After burning out countless midnight oils the team revamped the iOS app And on the Apple’s App Store they have finally pushed out a completely new zomato app, more cute and swift than before.

Now if you are staring with anger and asking “Where’s my old Zomato?”, We say, “Zomato changed for you”.

Yes, there is a learning curve, but mind it, its just a teeny tiny one, and the answer to “Why?”

Zomato loves your cushy thumb and fingers as much as you do and so they cleared out much of the swiping hassles and introduced One-tap access to restaurants near you, sorted by distance.

Dish searching is more easy than before just search for the dish you are craving and it will take you right where you need to be.

Upload pictures for your favourite restaurant and share with the world – perfect for those who don’t have the patience and skills 🙂 to write reviews.

Not just upload pictures but you can also add filters to them, a little instagramy thing to cheer up the bon viveur.

And the location detection engine will not test your patience anymore.

We are just foodies and lovers of all things creativity and we thank Puneet for letting us share this news with you.

The little baby is out there and we want you to download and spring out your queries and feedbacks, the team Zomato is all ears 24×7 to every point you pin.



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