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The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide


Abhijeet Mukherjee is the owner and editor of Guiding Tech,a popular blog on personal technology. He is also a longtime contributor to some of the best technology and productivity blogs in the world. His articles on personal technology have also been syndicated by well-known sites such as The Business Insider. We review his latest ebook : The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide for our readers.

Me & almost everyone else I know use Chrome as the default browser for all their online activities. Most of us also have experienced that Chrome gets slow as the number of open tabs increases and becomes a memory hog. The next thing we do is to search online and try out various options provided. A lot of times, we are not sure if the fixes mentioned in random websites will help us solve our Chrome problems. Apart from solving memory issues, we all want to be more productive while using Chrome. We can either endlessly keep searching the Internet for productivity tips on Chrome our just buy this awesome little book on Chrome Productivity.


Abhijeet has established himself as an authority in personal technology over the years and the recommendations that come from him definitely carry higher weight than the tips and advise scattered all over the Internet. The book is around 140 pages and very neatly organized – starting with keyboard shortcuts, dwelling deep into topics such as methods for speeding up Chrome,Sync,Omnibar, New tabs,Incognito mode and various ways of working productively with Tabs.He also lists his favorite Chrome extensions, where we get to know some unknown and rather useful ones. Several miscellaneous tips to work with Chrome are listed at the end, which includes the best timer on Chrome and Facebook keyboard shortcuts for Chrome.

All through the book, Abhijeet lists a combination of extensions and google chrome settings to achieve the desired effect. He does not confuse the readers by providing many ways to do a particular thing, rather one best way to achieve the task. I’ve tried out few tips he’s provided for memory clean up and they worked really well. Being a very heavy Chrome user with lot of open tabs , I quickly picked up few tips from various sections of the book and have compiled them for regular usage. All the information mentioned in the book is overwhelming at one go,and should be treated as a reference guide for Chrome. We can keep coming back regularly with the specific question and try out that tip to solve the problem for us. I’d recommend one complete read of the book though, just to have an idea of the topics covered throughout and pick up some things to start with.

This book will enable the user to become definitely productive while using Google Chrome.It will help you save time in two ways .One, just by opening the book without endlessly searching the Internet for your Chrome questions and second, by implementing the tips mentioned in the book. Give the book and try and let us know what you think.

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