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Steve Jobs

1) Cult of Mac:

This is a must follow blog for every apple fanboy. Anything thats happening at or around or about apple, they have got it covered deep. That’s not just what they do. The best part is the HowTos, I am sure there would be many things that you didn’t know were possible on your iphone, ipad or mac.

Crisp, Sharp and hard core tested reviews. If you like hearing to podcasts, they got an awesome channel called The CultCast, which you can subscribe on itunes.

They have often broken stories which have been picked by LA Times, Wall Street Journal and Wired.

This blog is truly by and for apple aficionados.

2) The Mac Observer:

If you are not much of a reader kind of person, but still would like to keep yourself updated about all things apple, then this site is for you. Its like a tumblog of apple news. No beating around the bush, just talking straight to the point.

The bonus part for excerpt readers and quick lookers is the Cool Stuff Found section. Its not a HowTo, Whys or historical facts. Its really cool stuff that you would want to surf through and would make you love your iphone, ipad and mac even more.

3) Apple Insider:

This one is for Apple entrepreneurs. When you visit the page, you’ll understand, this site means some serious business. Many may find it boring.

But They not only cover the news, The best section is is the PriceGuides. Where you can get the latest price for macbooks and ipads and you can bid on used apple products. Feels like a a small flea market running behind the corporate towers.

If there’s any blog or site that you would like to mention or talk about, do share it in comments.

Photo Source: Chris Perardi



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