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It is a shame that most of the people are unaware of the fact that Mcommerce is our future. Even if you can hover on to e-banking or internet banking then Mobile banking or Mcommerce as we say can easily outnumber the features. Mcommerce denotes the future of not only India but for everyone. The electronic phone bill can be easily payable through your laptop when you are relaxing under your WiFi, but it had been much simpler for you if you would have been engaged with M-payment while you are travelling. We @ TTP bring you the hand-picked list of top 5 Indian Startups in MCommerce



With over 100 medium of services like travel, dth, recharge, bus, ngpay is the only mall that travels with you no matter where you go. The stores are open day and night for you to shop at leisure. You can book travel & movie tickets, shop for your favorite brands, send gifts and recharge your mobile & DTH set. It is 3 year old and have 2 million satisfied customer, what else do you need?

2) GradeStack


This is totally a new concept for India. Enabling feature to learn and educate via mobiles and tablets has to be embraced by all. GradeStack delivers high quality smart educational courses that makes learning available to users anytime, anywhere.


3) MartMobi


Guess what the name suggests. MartMobi targets those depressed and obsessed managers who do not have their own website or app. It can create a mobile shopping experience for your customers. There are many other featur that MartMobi does like branding, webite developement, shopping like a pro etc.

4) 1SideKicks


Another Mcommerce concept introduced by 1sidekick. I dont what the nme means but letting you watch each and every timing in your favouraite channel is very enthralling. I bet the person reading this articles tends not to set a reminder in TV because it is irritating. But trust me, you wont remember that epic football match when you arechatting with your friends in whatapp as there would be a reminder from 1sidekick that the mtch is starting in 10 mins.


5) One97


This giant has its hand over music, video, games, video, tickets, talks and what not you name it. Paytm is one of the largest known app and one97 is the producer of this app. This mcommerce comapny really had a stunning start and are grouwing bulky over days.




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