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When it comes to travel what most of the people usually do is meet the local travel agency or agent, with whom they book a specific location and then just walk along monotonously as a tour operator gives them a theoretical guidance.

TravelTigerTrack is about taking you, the traveler on the unseen paths, make you an explorer. They don’t want you to just travel, they want you to live the experience of discovering new destinations.

It is started by hard core enthusiastic travel lovers. I recommend you to read their About Us page, Its one uber exciting page I have read in a long time.

This is the first startup which has its Head Office in Nainital, Uttarakhand, one of the best tourist destinations.

We had the opportunity to quiz Himanshu Singh, Founder and VP – Strategic Planning, to know more about the Team, functionality and USP of TravelTigerTrack.

How did this unique Fusion Travel living idea come up? Tell us something about this USP.

We thought it’s about traveling and promoting the local business, & then I realized it’s not, It’s more towards Traveliving along with something you care about when you are Pissed, Happy, Sad, Isolated or High. We discovered Traveliving along with fusion of Music, Some good fellas who plays unplugged and we loved the taste along with a mighty group of travelers who appreciated it so much. We design “Walletless Trips” with fusion of unplugged musicians who don’t play for money, we craft cooking and photography expeditions along and customize it according to what’s in people’s mind, something they never ask for, since it doesn’t exist in tour packages, but it’s in their mind. We call it the “Child’s Thinking”, where as you can cook in a wild jungle, with stuff you gotta find in jungle, Music never heard and roads you never seen. We let you go as fast and as far as you can go.

Tell us something about the people behind TravelTigerTrack.

Preetam PandeyPreetam Pandey : The Man Who Lives The Roads, The Speed And The Passion To Craft In The Minimum Resources, Is The Soul Of The Organization. He Is As Young As Dew, & As Tall As Mountains. He Created The Idea Of Traveling Beyond Traditional Tour Packages. A Man Who Will Get You To the Edge of a Mountain & Will Also Tell You Story About The Same. You Will Always Find Him High In Life. He Graduated In Computer Applications, Though Stays Close To A Computer Only When It’s Necessary. He Spent His Childhood & Teenage Up In Hills Within The Corbett National Park.


Devashish Chowdhary: As a young traveler, he chDevashish Chaudharyoose a job to explore the world and end up on a cruise tasting wines, finest whisky’s , The Best tequilas, Cultures, Monuments, People Across The World. You Would Be Amazed To Know He Has Seen 45% of the world which is far more than 90% of an average Indian Travelling.

If a person or a group books a travel package with you, who will be the guide traveling along with them, is it one of  TravelTigerTrack staff? or 2) you arrange for a separate tour guide?

In Uttarakhand We Go Along & Explore With Him, & If It’s Apart From That, We Have A Team Of Travelers Who Loves To Communicate With Travelers & Enthusiastic About  Being Them. We Allow Them To Explore What Is On Google At Their Own & Then We Play Our Musical Journey To Unseen. We Find Guiding Pretty Boring. Traveliving Is Not To Occupy Somebodies Mind, It’s  To Rejuvenate His Thoughts & Fill New Life Into It.

What are the paramedic or backup plans in case a traveler meets with an accident or if there’s some emergency situation to be dealt with?

On Trekking trips we keep a doctor, We call them survival experts. Apart From That, We have created a directory of local doctors & hospitals to provide the support in case of emergency around all touring sites.

Have you done tie-ups with hotels, lodges or any kind of accommodation providers at the different locations where you take your travelers to?

We have spent an year to live and experience the services of various types of accommodations (Camping, Hotels, Lodge, Guest house, Tree House, Heritage Bungalows & Offbeat Home Stays), In order to create our own internal rating system.

With so much tight competition in the tourism market, how do you plan to spread the word? And what are your future goals?

We are looking forward to go online with 3 tools,

  • TripSurfing : People Who Don’t Find A Company Due To A lazy Friendster (We Discovered Via Survey), Or Short Of Budget Can Go On Shared Trips Via Us With A Tiny Budget, We Want People To Be Free.
  • Travelopreneurs : For The Ones Who Are Crazy About Cooking, Musicians , Camera Freaks, Talkers, Entertainers, Laughterpreneurs, Stand up Comedians, Adventurers & Story Tellers To Play Their Passion While Travelling For Free.
  • Community Of Travellers : Especially Designed For Corporates, Schools and Colleges Who Wanna Go Out With A Purpose Of Team Building, Sharing & Team Bonding For Higher Productivity At Their Park, We Are Looking To Connect All of Them Offline Via Traveliving To Add Lot More Then Their Expectations.

We have a larger dream with all the above, with an undimensional world of Traveliving and a very exciting fun business attitude. I may not be able to share that right now, However If you are a traveler then you would know, Where we are heading, by reading above. I can add to it, We are not gonna hire any sales team instead “Travelers”.

What do we think about TravelTigerTrack?

Looking from my entrepreneur’s point of view, I love it when a startup attempts to take the plunge and change the game, and having a look at today’s travel and tourism industry, its time up, people need to get away from traveling along with the boring theoretical tour operators and start discovering and experiencing the expeditions.

We’ll try to keep an eye on TravelTigerTrack’s entrepreneur journey and may catch them again to learn about their startup experience.


Photo Source: John Van Beers



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