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Trevvo are a team of designers and software developers. They have been doing client work for last 10 years.Through this journey, they encountered an amazing fact that many of their clients were running their businesses inefficiently without using any kind of productivity software. This is absolutely true when people with little or less education own a ace-grade club but are unaware of the business terminologies. Consider any example in your own local areas with any medium sized manufacturing business – surely majority of them are in their 40s and 50s and know nothing about SAP’s ERP and Microsoft’s CRM. Yes, they can absolutely hire a marketeer but without the knowledge of sales funnelling and deal tracking, it is difficult to keep a transparent perception. Tally, NetSuite, Salesforce are outdated and people need to move on – Trevvo is the answer.

Trevvo is free to sign-up and comes with a whole lot of features to ease business management for small businesses & entrepreneurs. Notable features include Contact management, Creating custom data lists to manage business data, To-Do List & Task features. The product also includes Document files feature, which allows the users to store important files online securely and organize files with task-lists. All the users can create “spaces” to manage projects & departments. With control level access for users and administrators, trevvo makes business administration really a breeze.

About Trevvo…

  • Founded in 2013
  • 3000+ users signups every week
  • Sign Up today to keep it free!
  • Hosted on Amazon Elastic Cloud
  • Built using PHP and MySQL and runs on Amazon Web Services infrastructure
  • jQuery utilization

Trevvo is not really a CRM…

…its an end to end business management platform and contact management is just one part of what Trevvo does. As crazy as it might sound, a large majority of small business owners don’t know what a CRM is, that’s the market we are going after. They just want an easy-to-use platform that helps them keep their business organized. In that sense we are almost an anti-CRM, everything a CRM shouldn’t be. And that’s what our users love about Trevvo.



CJ Singh is the founder of Trevvo. He has over 15 years of IT experience consulting for small business and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. He has a keen interest in helping small businesses succeed using the power of technology. With his startup Trevvo, CJ is making this his life’s cause.

CRM versus Trevvo

They have an extensive affiliate marketing strategy that will serve as primary sales channel. Google ventures back paid advertising company helps design marketing campaigns. They are actively looking for various business partnerships to help mutual growth. For instance they recently partnered with to build a Trevvo branded online business advice portal that will be launching soon.

Future Plans

Trevvo is planning big for the near future.

  1. Timesheets and invoicing: Generate invoices easily from hours worked on projects in Trevvo
  2. Trevvo Drop: Simply forward emails to Trevvo and it will take care of updating your Trevvo account with that information.
  3. Workflow Support: Create workflows to model and support any of your business processes.
  4. Document feedback and e-signatures: Easily annotate documents for feedback and e-sign right through your Trevvo account.
A word of Advise from CJ Singh for entrepreneurs

Release quickly, listen to your clients and iterate fast. There is nothing sadder than releasing a full-blown product after months of sweat just to realize there isn’t a market for it. On the other hand, there is nothing more satisfying than iterating and releasing features that your clients want and love. Startup journey can be rough, be smart, keep calm and carry on…

 TTP’s take on Trevvo

Trevvo looks appealing with free subscription and all possible options provided in a single package. This is a competitive space with huge potential to make big, provided the after-sales support is exceptional and the product keeps getting updated with useful features for it’s users.


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