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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the most talked-about technologies in recent times. It has found applications in various industries, from healthcare to retail, finance, and more. Seeing that AI has proved to be a game changer in many ways, new opportunities for businesses to grow and innovate have cropped up, resulting in AI partnerships, where different companies come together to leverage their strengths to provide better services to their customers.

A recent example is the tie up between E42, an AI-NLP-no code Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) platform, and Beyondsoft Consulting Inc., a global IT services, and solutions provider, who have joined hands to bring together E42’s expertise in deep tech and Beyondsoft’s subject matter knowledge in a wide range of industries to enable customers to embrace automation and grow their businesses more successfully.

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Gurugram based Staqu tied up with WeWork India to implement JARVIS Video Analytics to identify heat maps of common areas, helping WeWork India optimize the usage of its space and provide its customers with a better experience.

Thyrocare, a preventive healthcare diagnosis platform, adopted AI-powered technology, SigTuple’s AI100, to automate the manual microscopy process across its network. This partnership helps Thyrocare reduce the turnaround time, standardize reporting quality, and increase efficiency multi-fold.

Thyrocare can now provide more accurate results, increased productivity, reduced TAT, and all this at lower costs. Artificial intelligence brings down the scan time significantly, which gives leverage to labs to report quickly. The scan data is available for secondary opinion, sharing with clinicians in a digital format. AI models assist in automatic detection, quantification of haematology parameters, and accurate disease diagnosis. Such advanced diagnosis promises better treatment with enhanced patient outcomes.

Aprecomm, a Bengaluru based network intelligence company, signed an agreement with Mauritius Telecom to deploy its AI-enabled network intelligence solutions to enhance visibility and optimize its residential Wi-Fi connections. This tie up enables Mauritius Telecom, which is the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Mauritius with cellular and high-speed broadband service distribution, to bring proactive Network Intelligence transformation to improve customer experience and reduce the time for resolution of customer–end issues across their broadband network. The deal is expected to impact internet users from 300,000 households.

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These partnerships show the potential of AI in transforming businesses and improving customer experience. AI-powered solutions can help businesses optimize their services, reduce operational costs, increase accuracy in decision-making, and improve employee and customer experiences.

It’s no wonder that AI partnerships are on the rise, with companies coming together to leverage the potential of AI to transform their businesses. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect more partnerships in the future.


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