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These remote controlled fighting robots are called Battroborg 20, and they will be released in Japan on the 14th of July.

“The controller is a nunchaku type. When you punch with your right or left hand, the robot punches with the same hand. By combining punches skillfully, you can box via the robot. Moving forward and turning are also linked to punching. So this system enables a new style of boxing, where you hit the other robot by punching while moving around to get a good position.”

The right punch is a long range straight right, and the left is a strong hook, so you need to use a combination of punches with the right timing and strategy to knock out your opponent.

“You can also play in training mode, by punching a plastic bottle or doing a slalom between erasers. But really, it’s most fun to have boxing matches between two people. That’s the main way to play with this system.”

The robot and controller set will be priced at around US$50 and the official hexagonal ring which adds a ring out element to the games is available separately. Check it out!

[youtube id=”rMSxhspcFIg” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Source: DigInfo

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