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Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, was arrested by police in January after law enforcement staged an elaborate raid on his New Zealand home. For the first time, video of that siege has been posted online.

The footage shows a complex military-style operation that included semi-automatic weapons and at least one helicopter.

A New Zealand media outlet, 3NEWS, put together the report above.

Dotcom was arrested on a request from American authorities, who want him extradited to the United States to stand trial for copyright fraud on a massive scale.

However, a New Zealand judge recently ruled the police operation to detain Dotcom was illegal. The judge also called into question the legality of evidence submitted to the court against Dotcom and the FBI’s seizure of Megaupload’s data, throwing more monkey wrenches into an already complicated extradition process.

The fate of data stored on Megaupload’s servers remains unknown. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the FBI to release it.


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