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If it is taking weeks to test the compatibility of your website, you have not tried LambdaTest yet. The startup is simplifying website testing through their platform, reaching out to over 19,000 customers across 132 countries.

Asad Khan, the founder and CEO of the company, believes that most startups fail because of lack of long-term motivation. “We feel that motivation is a strong factor in making any business a success. In case of startups, they are high on motivation in the beginning. However, when things start to go down, they feel demotivated and sometimes fail to get on their feet again,” he says.

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He also feels that even with motivation, ultimately, it is the market in which startups sell their products that determines success. “For example, if you are developing a software service to sell in the Indian market, before jumping directly on developing the product, you should first spend a good amount of time in researching whether the software that you will develop has an appetite in the Indian market or not,” he explains.

Khan started his career as a tester at Global Logic and then moved on to start his own testing company 360Logica, which focused on providing cutting-edge testing services to enterprises. The company grew to a strength of 300 people with a clientele of brands like Walmart, Target, Xamarin, and many more. Khan’s hands-on experience in the field of enterprise testing made him realise the need for an integrated software testing platform that is both scalable and flexible enough to help developers perform all types of testing.

They started by launching a scalable browser compatibility testing platform LamdbaTest. The platform allows developers and testers to test their web-apps on operating systems and browsers that are inaccessible in-house.

The company offers the services of cross-browser website testing on a cloud environment. They count Browser Stack, Sauce Labs, and Cross Browser as their major competitors in the market. “At LambdaTest, we believe in creating benchmarks for others to follow, and these benchmarks cannot be created without an amazing product,” Khan says.

When comparing with existing solutions, the first thing that makes them better is the number of features they offer. A user can test its website across more than 2,000 different browsers and operating system combinations. Moreover, a user can take automated full-paged screenshots of its website on Windows, Mac, and mobile machines running real operating systems in a single click. This ensures a pixel-perfect digital experience across all browsers and their versions.

The platform also offers an exclusive plugin for WordPress websites where users can take screenshots of their websites on up to 25 different browser and operating system configurations at a time by clicking on LambdaTest’s icon and selecting the configuration.

“All these features at a price as low as USD 19 per month. This definitely gives us an edge above our competition,” says Khan.

The marketing department of this startup, which is headed by Khan, follows a direct approach in marketing its services. “We believe in digital marketing and know that our customer is sitting somewhere on his/her desktop or mobile phone looking for a solution similar to ours. We just target our attention to those users and reach them through various campaigns running on Google AdWords, LinkedIn, e-mails, and more,” he explains.

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They believe success of a business is based upon both the vision and hard work of the founding members as well as a team effort put upon by fellow employees. “We follow a relay-race kind of approach, where each member of the team has a role to play, as we believe the company cannot reach success if all of its employees are not contributing their 100%. On the other hand, we do believe that our founding members are doing enough to keep the team motivated and agile,” Khan says.

They also believe that a kick-ass team is more important for any startup to make its mark. “Abundant resources do not guarantee their proper and appropriate utilization. People can perform a particular job in a cost-effective way and a not-so-cost-effective way. We believe in utilizing limited resources in unlimited ways,” he says.


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