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If you are one of those movie lovers who loves to keep a collection of your favorite movies and talk about it, but till now you did visit IMDB and use to bookmark the movie links from there or visit rating sites and talk about it.

Try out WeHeartMovies, created by movie enthusiasts to make collecting and sharing movies simple.

No need to fill up any form, you just signup with your facebook account, the overall UI and UX is very intuitive and easy.

We had an opportunity to quiz Ash Gilpin, a Serial Entrepreneur and President and Founder of WeHeartMovies and know more about it.

There are already well-known sites which allow people to rate and comment on movies and even discuss, save and share reviews, How is WeHeartMovies different? How would you describe the USP?

Unlike other sites which allow people to rate and comment on movies, We Heart Movies performs one simple task.  Hearting your favorite movies.  This allows the user to compile a list of their favorite movies for others to see and share with friends.  How many times have you had a friend suggest a movie you should watch and it turns out the movie was really great?  Wouldn’t it be nice to follow your friend’s movie preferences?

How did the idea for WeHeartMovies came up?

My team and I are movie aficionados.  We love going to the movies, talking about movies, any just anything about movies.  We thought it would be a great idea to have a simple application that would allow one to compile a list of their favorite movies to share with friends and community.

How has been the response so far? How many people have signed up yet?

It’s been very slow going.  We’re utilizing all of the free channels right now (Facebook, Craigslist, Startup News sites, etc).

Is it bootstrapped or have you received fundings?

Yes. Self funded.

What are your future plans for WeHeartMovies?

We hope to grow our user base and integrate new features over time.  Some of our next steps would be developing iOS and Android apps.



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