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Where You @? app

Title: Where you @? (Auto-locator)

Platform: Android

Rating: 5 / 5

Bottom Line: Its actually a simple little phone locator but still, very useful.

Where you @? is a simple little app developed by Otter LLC, a company from Bainbridge Island. How it works is, once you have installed the app, now any of your known contacts, the people who are added in your contacts list, texts you an “@?” (without the quotes), the app sends them back a link to a map displaying your exact location.

Note, the privacy is maintained, only the people who are added in your contacts, will receive a link back to a map, if they are not added, then it will be like any other text sent.

On the google play store page, its says, parents can keep tabs on their teens, I am not sure if teens would want to install this app, since the ones who always have an urge to sneak out would considering it nagging and spying and then there are the other ones who are always glued on to their computer, this app is not required for them, you know where they are. Then there are the third types, the good ones, who are very close to their family, who regularly update their parents about whats going on and the events happening in their lives. Very rare to find. They would keep the app installed.

Now coming to the key players, for whom this app would truly be useful. Employers who need to keep track of their employees, specially the travelling salesman, or if you are in a transportation business and would want to keep track of your vehicles and the chauffeurs.

And finally one major part, where this app would really be useful is, it can be your phone tracker in case your mobile pone is lost.

Verdict: After having used this app, I’ll say, I love this app, my parents, my brother, my close buddies don’t need to call me, to find out where I am, they just text me and they get back the link to a map. I made them install the app as well.

To me it sure looks like a foursquare killer.

If you would like to have a quick look on how the app works, you can watch the video here.


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